Starting to build a Glock for Unlimited Class...

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by km625, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. Nice cookselk! I also went with a Gen 2 frame.

    I fired 50 more reloads last night and had one case that got caught in the ejection port. The rest of the rounds were fine. If the Bulldawg behaves for another 50 rounds, I think I will try it out in a USPSA match this month.


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  2. Hornady LNL AP, now that I think about it I was loading on an old Dillon RL450 but I don't remember if I ever fired any from it in the Unlimited gun. I do think that I had better leverage with the 450 for seating primers. Not so much the ergonomics of the press but where it is positioned on my bench and the layout of my reloading room. I'm sitting at a slight angle to the Hornady press rather than straight at it behind it like the Dillon. I still use the Dillon and use it for 45's 10mm's and other stuff, the Hornady for 40's and 9's.

    As for primers, I use Winchester small pistol, I have used CCI with similar results.


    Nice! Have you had any problems with it holding zero? It seems like after every few hundred rounds my groups start going high right, it does it very consistently. It looks like you have an aftermarket slide, I assume it has had the ejection port lowered. I had mine lowered as well, it will once in a very great while do what yours did and have a case jam between the slide and mount. I think if I had to do it all over again I might try a c-more STS or Burris fastfire III. Since I plan to shoot only GSSF, I might also go with a Carver 3 port/LWD set-up rather than the 4-port.

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  3. You should have asked for a reshoot... ;)

    Try Federal primers - they are softer.

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  4. Yes, my Cmore tends to wander, but I think I might have stripped the screw that keeps it locked in place after it is sighted in. It will be making a trip back to Cmore for repair. Also, the mount needs to be tightened every so often.

    The slide is a Lone Wolf and the ejection port is lowered.

    My new Carver racegun (.40 cal) will have the STS. I hope that will be better as far as case jams and I know it will be less expensive as far as batteries. Those 1/3N batteries are $3.50 for one. :wow:

    +1 for the Federal primers
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  5. Thirds on the use of Federal primers. On some press’s you can seat the primer lower the ram some and rotate the case and try seating the primer again. Never had any problem seating primers with either the 550 or 650. I hear some people have problems with the LNL seating primers.
  6. 4th on using Federal primers and plus one on the 550/650. I was using Winchesyer primers in my limited gun (G35 Mustang by Bobby Carver) early this year. They were horrible. FTF's out the yin-yang. Even posted a video on YouTube warning other shooters. Use Federals, primer problem solved, for the most part anyway.

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  7. Consensus is that Federal primers are the most sensitive but I don't think sensitivity is as big an issue as seating depth in my case. It's only been an issue in the open pistol with the lightened springs, connector, and trigger. When I seated the primers with my hand tool I have never had a missfire. Furthermore, I've never had a miss-fire in any of the stock pistols.

    Does Federal still package their primers in those really big boxes? I would probably use them except that they take up twice as much room.
  8. Eric, you may have to buy a shed to store them in.
  9. Get yourself a 650 and you can easily develop enough leverage, sitting down, to seat primers upside down or sideways. :shocked: :supergrin:
  10. You should if you do it right you can fell the primer going in sideways. One of the reasons why you have a couple of sized and primed cases sitting off to the side to take that case place.
  11. Yeah I feel it and sub a pre-primed case sitting there, to keep the press rolling.
  12. I'm going to have to, my wife would'nt like it if I made her park outside so I could store primers on her side of the garage, my side is already full with bullets and powder. :rofl:
  13. Roadkill_751

    Roadkill_751 5 or 6 rounds?


    When you disassemble and reassemble your gun and mount, be sure you use the blue Loctite for keeping the screws tight, as they will and can be loosen by the recoil of the gun.

    I also use Federal Primers.

    Just my $.02 worth of information. YMMV
  14. Thanks Roadkill_751! I'll give that a try.
  15. stak

    Is there any reason you wouldn't mount it further back so that it doesn't interfere with ejection?
  16. [​IMG]

    Easy way to take care of that problem.
  17. Hi Kitty

    This is a busy time for me in work and I will be showing some new guns that I have been working on in a few days....
    Stand By...
    I will see you in Jan n St pete, and feb in Orlando
  18. You betcha. Mobile next weekend, then nothing until [Clearwater].
  19. km625

    Hello All:

    Looks like my Unlimited Glock/Steel Shooting gun is going
    to be based on a G-17C. No real advantage to starting with
    a ported Glock (except the sweet price on a new one), but
    I've never owned or fired one and curiosity has gotten the
    better of me.

    KM 13108
  20. njl


    The biggest difference is the soot it'll deposit on your front sight.

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