Starting to build a Glock for Unlimited Class...

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by km625, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. km625

    And I'm wondering which model to start with.

    Probably a 9mm so that limits it to a Model 34, Model 17 and, perhaps, the Model 19.

    This is primarily for GSSF Unlimited and steel matches. So, is there something I'm missing? Is there a better choice? Let me know which model you vote for! :supergrin:

    Kevin M.


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  3. I am by no means an expert on this, however most I have seen are either 17L variants or 34 variants.

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  4. ede

    ede Bama's Friend

    Mike is our resident UL expert. To me the 34 has too much slide mass so that leaves the 17 or 19. The 17 with lightened slide would be my choice and a CMore. My other #1 choice would be a G22 with a 9mm barrel.
  5. BK94

    17 or 22 both make good platforms to start off with.
  6. km625

    A Model 22 in 40S&W? Or using a conversion barrel?
  7. Ede and Adam are right, G22 with the 9mm barrel or G17 both should have the slide cut (lightened) for maximum cycle rate and reliability. Plus it looks good LOL. Either will serve you well.
    The Carver mount is definitely how toy want to mount your optic. You can use a Hunter model and you won't even need to remove your sights or A Competition mount if you want the mount as low on the slide as possible but that will require you to lower your ejection port (not a big deal, Bobby can do it for you) and remove your sights. Both those mounts are available with CMore SlideRide, Weaver Rail, and Aimpoint mounting systems. Or you can get a Competition mount with mini rail and a CMore STS which will only require you to remove the sights. This may be your best option.
    If your planning on using an aftermarket barrel and compensator I once again suggest Carver and remember you're going to need a new guiderod (preferably an uncaptured stainless Carver) and you're going to need to match your spring weight to your load. Once you compensate the gun it will require some tuning.
    For GSSF the rest, magwells, mag releases, etc aren't really necessary but I suggest you do it anyway. I've yet to meet anyone that builds a racegun that doesn't eventually want to run it in USPSA Open division or Steel Challenge.

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  8. The G22 in 40 makes a good USPSA OPEN DIV gun. 40 makes major easier than 9mm yet it can be accomplished by either round. I'd stick with 9mm for my GSSF UL Gun.

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  9. BK94


    I shoot the 40 more (USPSA) than I do my 17 so I like both just the same. The 17 and 22 shoot great. You have to decide what works best for you. You can make Major PF in both if you ever decide to shoot USPSA.
  10. ede

    ede Bama's Friend

    Conversion barrel has a bit more mass, might be unnoticable but to me it's an advantage along with weighted mag wells. Never tried it but a G19 with one of the little CMores looks attractive.

    Down side to .40 in USPSA is the Supers and 9mm will beat you on magazine capicity and on some stages eliminate the need for a reload. 28 rounds of 9mm or .38 will get you through a lot of stages 22 rounds of .40 won't.
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  11. Does anyone run 9x21 in a Glock? :dunno:

  12. Very true. The ONLY advantage to shooting 40 in open is the ease of making major with that round as opposed to 9mm major. But if you're a competent reloader, and I still have some doubts about my own capabilities, loading and shooting 9mm major is the way to go. I'm thinking of changing my G22 over to 9mm sometime this winter and seeing how it goes. I was considering it this year then chickened out. Something about KABOOMING my $3000 racegun just doesn't sit right with me. But it's seeming more and more like a chance worth taking.
    By the way Ed I won that gun from Marietta, I was thinking about a G19 with slide mounted (melted) STS. Just to say I have a gun like that LOL

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  13. ede

    ede Bama's Friend

    I'm sure "someone" does, somewhere. Disadvantage to 9major is limited amount of length in the mag for loading the ammo longer. My 2011 open gun can run ammo with the bullet seat out as far as I wanted, not so the Glock. For that reason I think the 9x21 or 9x23, or even the Super aren't going to work well in a Glock. Now if you could get 9mm or 38 mags to fit a G20 you would have something fun to build on, if you could find a barrel also.
  14. njl


    Since GSSF has no power factor, and in unlimited, you can mess with the springs, wouldn't a 22/35/24 with mouse fart minor PF reloads that shoot like 9mm give you the advantage of slightly larger holes?
  15. Now, I would think so - but Scott shoots AA&A .40 minor, so...
  16. njl


    In fact, I wonder...has anyone gone all the way and done a G21 race gun shooting 185gr JHP at about 600-700FPS? I'd be a little worried about bounce-back from the plates...but I bet it'd shoot super-soft. I've loaded some 185gr JHP to a little over 800fps, and they shoot nice (cycle my gen3 21SF) and soft and accurate. These were done for pin shooting, where I wanted velocity up around at least 800-850fps.
  17. ede

    ede Bama's Friend

    larger holes are always better, the 35 and 24 like the 17L and 34 would have more slide mass and less slide speed and could be a disadvantage. 45 doesn't run well with a comp. plus depending on your set up a 40 and 45 have less clearance under the CMore. Running a comp you don't want bunny fart loads, but you may not want to run major either. Without a comp light loads would work OK but for most part my Steel and GSSF loads are hotter for UL than my stock guns.
  18. This is not something io wrote it is copy and pasted.

    what i do when i build my race guns, is set up the lower, trigger, extractor, ejector etc.
    The lower is either left alone or custom fitted to the shooter.
    Re-stipping is done to the clients wants.
    While the lower is being worked on the slide is cut and reduced in weight.sights are selected or red-dot is selected.
    The slide then goes to fail-zero for finishing.

    The barrel is selected, kkm, lone wolf or glock and all have to be threaded. The compensator is than selected and a decision if a slide racker is going to be installed and used.

    Next the gun is put together without the compensator to see what rounds feed or don't (with the comp cutting the power of the round.
    You can also determine if the ramp on the barrel needs to be polished or not.

    Once you have the gun working error free, the compensator is installed with permanent lock-tite.

    Then the fun starts, i like using ismi springs with "flat" coils.
    I start with an 11# spring trying 115 & 124 rounds.

    The spring is cut and replaced on a ss guide rod (even gen 4 i use a straight ss guide rod with adpater.

    I than cut a coil at a time, removing the coil from the ss guide rod and replacing each time until the gun works and with what ammo.

    I have found that some of my guns work with wwb 115 and most work with blazer 124 or armscor 124.
    Remember that using a comp., you need hotter ammo.

    If you would go to this link--->

    and then go to post #30 you are able to see the amazing pictures.

    I have a question who was selling triggers to the side of the armorers opposite the ear plug stand.
    My dad and I were astounded by the different feel of them, everyone states that they feel like a single action 1911. I have intentions of purchasing one in the future it may be near or far i am unsure
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  19. To me the reset felt a bit "mushy". The break was pretty nice though but I think I like my Vanek setup better. Check out a ZEV for comparison though. Also, I thought his pricing was a bit high. :whistling:

  20. ...and Charlie Vanek makes that GSSF Stock-Legal trigger group that Scott has. Not certain what that vendor had - except $35 (-) connectors and $20 extended slide stops.

    The ZEV Fulcrum is in my racegun and I like it a lot - real easy to shoot the reset.

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