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  1. Would it be considered an honor to be asked by the incoming WM to be the Senior Deacon if you are a new MM and have never held any other officer's position?

    The brother who will most likely be the next WM asked me if I would consider being the SD if he is elected WM. I have been going to all the practices I can and have the first 3 work lectures memorized, and have set in the JS's chair for the EA Degree, plus I was asked to do the EA Work Lecture for the EA Degree, and I have also set in the SS's chair to open the FC Degree. I have been on cloud 9 since I was asked and didn't really want to ask anyone from the Lodge for obvious reasons, so I thought I might use the knowledgeable, kind brothers on this board for a "sounding board".

    Just want to make sure I am not going too fast, but I feel I am ready to take on the responsibility and really look forward to learning the SD degree work and the MC Lecture.

    What are your thoughts???

    Thanks in advance...


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  2. In a word - Yes

    Happened to me as well - go for it!!!!!!

  3. Congrats brother. I guess I am starting at the bottom, I was just asked by the incoming WM if I would take the JS seat. I am relay looking forward to this year.
  4. Yes, it most certainly would be an honor. The SD is an integral part to every single Blue Lodge degree. Make sure to take your walking shoes!

    On the other hand, I'd be a little concerned that you're starting out too high up and too fast. IMO (and this is all it is) JD or SS might've been a better choice for a brand spanking new MM who's just shaking the grave dust off his coat.
  5. I agree with Arod, I've never been SD but everyone tells me it's the best chair in the Lodge. I'm going from JS to SS. But my lodge is more geared towards going thru the chairs in order. But if I was asked buy the WM I would probably do it and be honored.

    Good on you for trying to learn a lecture:supergrin:.
  6. Guys - Don't rain on his parade. If his WM asked him, then the WM has confidence that he is best qualified for the position so there is no issue with his "new" status. It is an honor and he can bring a lot to it.
  7. Thanks for taking time to weigh in on this. Don't think you are raining on my parade by any means, I posted this because I wanted to hear opinions from different brothers because this is a major step in my "Masonic career" if you will. I am 99.9999999% sure the brother who asked will be the next WM & I intend to do what I can to help him earn the Master's Award, plus he has been a tremendous help with my degree work, helping me understand how a Lodge operates and I would not dream of saying no to something as important as this. On the way home I was grinning from ear to ear and when I walked in the house my wife asked what I was smiling about and I just said "I had a really good night".

  8. :) That lecture's slow going, I'll tell you.

    On a different note, we're doing a PM degree in Chapter Tuesday night at 7:30 if you'd like to travel over 67 and come see one. In fact, I'm pretty positive we can put you in a chair if you want. Nothing too hardcore, I think we've got everything but the stewards covered.
  9. Well if that offer was for me I guess I am a little late to accept!!! I went to Roanoke # 195 tonight or I would have enjoyed setting in on a degree. :whistling::whistling::whistling:

    I will try and make it to about every Lodge within 50 miles, our incoming WM is going for the Grand Master's Award so we will do a lot of traveling in the coming year.

  10. Absolutely! It is quite an honor. Your Brother must have noticed something very special in you. I learned as Master that a good SD is worth his weight in gold! A Master needs a man in that position that he is confident will know the work with precision... and will BE AT THE LODGE WHEN NEEDED. Attendance, attendance, attendance!

    Already, your dedication to the Craft have been noted. You're going to do great.

    Happy Traveling!
  11. ditch digger,take the incoming WM up on the request.No such thing as being too quick in your chair work.I was elected WM three years from initiation.At the time I was third youngest WM in the Lodge's history.tom.:cool:
  12. I think it's best to go through all the chairs, starting with being a steward. That's where you truly learn to serve the Brethren. Plus, once you're in the East, you'll have a good understanding of all the officer's duties.
  13. I agree that everyone should go through all of the chairs, as you said.

    But, being a member of two lodges and visiting many more, I see firsthand the problems that many lodges are having trying to fill the officer's chairs. When I was raised in '04, I was placed immediately in the SD chair because it had been filled by "whoever" for most of that year. (The man appointed to that position stopped showing up for whatever reason.) I served out the remainder of that year and was officially appointed to it the following year. From there, I went to the SW, because no one wanted that seat (thinking that they would be expected to go to the East next). From there, of course, I ended up in the East.

    Getting others to accept chairs that year was like pulling teeth, and I have spoken with a lot of other Masters and Past Masters who say they had the same experience. Most agree that it is the newly raised Mason who has the zeal to want to help out by taking a chair. Even then, it seems that only one out of five new Masons are active, and fewer than that are active enough to be given an officer's post.

    I don't know what the answer is, Brother. I only know that sometimes we have to fill the chairs with the best man who is WILLING to do the job.

    My philosophy was "Put 'em to work as soon as they are raised. As long as they feel like they are needed and appreciated, they'll keep coming back".
  14. Thirdruffian1 had a similar experience to mine and I concur serving in all chairs would be prefered if that option is available.More often it is not.I was WM close to thirty years ago and have served as SW twice since then and may one more time.We are having such a hard time filling the chairs that we are currently planning a merger with the other local Lodge.tom.
  15. There are some of the lodges here in the GJ of South Carolina considering the same thing. I am at a loss as to why folks petition to join, study and learn the work necessary to progress, and pay good money for dues only to never attend or participate.

    I have long said that our GL should have a bylaw that says not only must a man's dues be current in order to remain in good standing; but that he must also attend lodge regularly, unless he has a dispensation due to work, illness, family issues, etc. It's the only answer that I can come up with.

    I hope everything works out for your lodge.
  16. Ditch digger I truely hope you take that appointment.You will enjoy it.

    Thirdruffian1,thank you for your well wishing.Our Lodge may undergo a few changes in name/number maybe even meeting nights but with the current situation a merger with the other Lodge can only make us both stronger.tom.
  17. My Lodge just merged with another and it was a PAIN to get the paperwork, assets and things changed over.

    I wonder where I can submit the workman's comp for throwing my back out while carrying in the SW's chair! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  18. The SD is an important position and puts you in line for the JW position. In 4 years you should be in the East. It is an honor to be selected to SD at anytime during your Masonic jounrney.
  19. Again thanks to everyone for their support. I agree starting in the JS chair and working your way up would be ideal.

    I am fortunate to have a work & home schedule that allows me to make it to the Lodge as much as I like, so once again I am sure that didn't hurt. I just hope our new brothers will want to get as involved as they can because they see how much fun we are having, after all most of what we do is for the benefit of the candidate.

    I am gonna take this opportunity and run with it...who knows where it will lead...:cool::cool::cool:

    I hope everyone has a Great Thanksgiving!!!!

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  20. I've seen alot of mergers end up bad. I really believe you lose your sense of identity and community when merging. My Blue Lodge is right downtown in the city where I live. We're a small lodge but are well respected. I'm fortunate to be the PM of the lodge where I live.

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