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Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by Russell92, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. I just picked up a police trade in G19 and it came with Glock factory night sights with the front sight staked in. I want to replace the sights, how do I get the staked sight out?

    The older staked plastic sights were easy to get out, just grab them with pliers and pull, but since this one's metal I'd imagine it's in there more securely.



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  3. DannyR

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    Just grip the sight with a pair of pliers and twist real hard. Parallel pliers work best.

    I know it sounds brutal, but that is the way it is done in Smyrna.

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  4. Hi Danny, thanks! Hope you're doing well! I'll give that a shot. Wasn't sure if it was possible to accidentally open up the sight hole in the slide a bit if I tried something like that since the sight's metal. The plastic ones just pop right out.
  5. The older Glock Armorer's manuals had info on removing and installing staked metal sights. I haven't seen one in a while but as I recall you removed the stake with a pin and needle nose pliers so that the sights could be removed.

    If you want to try to save the parts try a Google or YouTube search.

  6. That's for the pinned sight,Danny's method for the staked sights works very well. SJ 40
  7. Thanks SJ 40, I didn't realize there was a difference.

    I have used the parallel jaw pliers on quite a few plastic front sights as DannyR mentions. Works great. I first saw that in the T.R. Graham video.

  8. GRT45

    GRT45 Transform & Win

    From Glock Armorer's Manual ©GLOCK, 2009, Page 73
    Front Sight Removal

    Screw-on Front Sights
    Remove screw-on front sights by turning the hex-head tool counter-clockwise

    Stake-on Front Sights
    To remove the front sight from the slide, position the front of the slide in an upside-down position over the edge of a table or workbench. Using a straight-shafted pin punch and a small hammer, tap the sight from the slide. If removing a staked-on metal sight, use a strong steel punch. If necessary or desired, use projected (sic) jaw covers and lock the slide into a vise to perform this procedure.​

    Photo courtesy of GT member Butch

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  9. Dave
    Same place as I saw it demonstrated,works like a charm.
    Pinned was the first method used by Glock,then staked followed by the current screw. SJ 40
  10. Boy, Russell92 asked the question but I'm sure getting an education.

    GRT45, thanks for posting those pictures (thanks to Butch too). Really clears that up. I don't have access to the Armorer's Manual any longer so it's good to be able to visualize the difference.

  11. drill a hole on a 2x4 so the sight will fit into it upside down. Take a punch small enough to fit into the hole. knock it out and it will drop into the hole.

    they are reusable if one want to do so. just need to recrimp them into the hole. even though dead, they make great replacements for the plastic sights. you will still have 3 dot sights, they just won't glow
  12. The front of my (red box) G23 was a staked night sight. When I had the slide refinished, they just bought and installed a new front with hex screw.
  13. Thanks for the info everyone. I didn't know you could re-use the staked sights. I guess it depends how much I mash it up getting it out. If I get it out cleanly anyone want the sights? I can't imagine too many people have the staking tool.

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