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squirrel Recipe for the back woods please

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by Mud, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. Mud


    Feb 18, 2002
    Goin up north this weekend and prolly gonna try to pop a few late season squirrels, my buddy already has 1 or 2 we are bringing.

    i need a recipe for these guys

    I dont have a crock pot at my place soooo

    im thinking just Pan fry em??

    i have a 4 burner propane stove or the BBQ grill

    any ideas?
  2. bachchoy

    bachchoy Bond

    Dec 28, 2003
    My Old Kentucky Home.
    ~ quartered and cleaned squirrels, 1 per person
    ~ buttermilk
    ~ OldBay seasoning
    ~ flour
    ~ salt & pepper
    ~ shortening

    Soak your meat for at least an hour in buttermilk.

    Combine the flour & OldBay until you can see the flour turn light pink. Sprinkle in some salt and pepper to taste.

    Heat up your shortening to 375 degrees in a iron skillet or deep fryer deep enough to cover the meat.

    Roll or shake your meat in the flour mix and fry until the coating is golden brown.

    Take it out and place it on a rack to drain. Place it in your oven for about 1/2 hour at 275 degrees.

    Serve and Enjoy!

  3. 1 per person ? You must have some BIG squirrels. One squirrel here would be lucky to feed one human baby

    here's a good way to cook them also;

    canola oil
    1 egg blend
    1 cup of process flour or fine bread crumbs
    1 tsp of garlic salt
    pepper to your like'n

    cut and quarter squirrel parts, season with spices, dip squirrel parts in egg and then dregede thru flour/crumbs, shake off excess. Drop squirrel pcs into hot canola oil and deep fried to a nice brown. Remove from oil and pat dry with paper towels and serve.

    I will admitt the old-bay season and specially the one with garlic & herbs should be great also. Any way you would cook chicken or pork would also work too.
  4. BillK@tcmhmrs.o


    May 13, 2004
    First, you open the beer, have some sips while the fire is settling down ( oops, forgot you have propane), mix the beer with the flour and put it all in a bag and shake the critters around in it in there till all is coated well. I use butter or oil, usually butter, and just fry em up and use whatever spice is handy or dippin sauce. I generally have these on the back porch with my 2 cats as the missus don't allow me to sully up her kitchen with 'wild' food.... Oh well, some tradeoffs occur when a Texas boy marries a girl from New York City! Have fun, I'm there with ya in spirit.
  5. Mud


    Feb 18, 2002
    Ok attempt 1 went HORRIBLE

    i cut all the meat off legs and back and pretty much all meat i could find

    got a frying pan hot with some butter and Brown sugar in it
    put the peices of meat in it

    tried to eat it and it was ummm well nasty the flavor wasnt bad but it was really RUBBERY

    gonna try again as i hear squirrel is good eatin
  6. try the crock pot method it is worth it. Crocks are cheap and easy to get. If you fry them, the meat has more tendencey to shrink and the frying does nothing to tenderize the meat.

    Crock it in about 4 cans of campbells cream of mushroom/corn or chicken broth and add you favorite veggies towards the last 1.5hr. It is the best eatin next to a rabbit.

    noway's crockpot squirrel

    4 can of campbells cream of mushroom with equal water
    1 medium onion
    2 kernel of cron shaved
    2 squirrel per person clean and quarters
    black pepper flake & salt
    1 clove of garlic

    >add soup concentrate mix with water , bring crock pot to low

    > add squirrel quatered parts and cruch garlic

    >cook for about 4-5 hours on low stirring every 1hr if possible, turn crock pot to high and add onions and corn with pepper and salt. Cook for 1-1.5 or until the corn is tender. The meat of the squirre should be moist/tender and fall off the bone.

    > Serve in deep dish soup bowl.

    If you are going to hunt alot of sml game ( coon/rabbit/squirrel ) invest into a crock pot. It's worth the $14.99-20.00 for one.
  7. Mud


    Feb 18, 2002
    i was gonna try the croc pot but i dont have power at my cabin