Spyderco Pacific Salt vs. Salt 1

Discussion in 'The Cutting Edge' started by DannyII, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. I'm trying to decide between the two, and have done tons of Google/Youtube "research". Does anyone have both that can provide any info to point me in one direction or another in choosing between them?

    I plan on taking it along on a vacation where I'll be in the ocean daily for 2 weeks. I know the odds of needing it are pretty slim, but I'd rather have it with me.

    My dilemma is that for EDC, the Salt seems a better size, but iF needed in a hurry while snorkeling, etc. the larger Pacific seems pretty handy for that role. Is the Pacific too big?


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  3. Here's a good Youtube video on the Salt 1

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKP3aYYtDZI&list=PLBDmqvjL6JipIJGk4AfiuSal_FGIxrVT5"]Rust proof Spyderco: review filmed in ocean salt water - YouTube[/ame]

  4. Anybody?

    I may be showing my age, but the Spyderco Salt series blade shape somehow reminds me of the Spy vs. Spy cartoon characters in Mad magazine.

  5. syntaxerrorsix

    syntaxerrorsix Anti-Federalist

    I own several of the Salt series knives.

    Endura size or Delica size? Up to you. I keep the full size models clipped off to my deco bottles on deep wreck dives and I keep a small one clipped to my inflator hose for caving.
  6. Thanks for the reply!

    Which do you find yourself using more often, and why? Are serrations or plain edges more useful for ocean use? Keep in mind, I'll be just a tourist, and the most I'll likely need it for is cutting some mono that I get tangled in, or pineapple slices for my Mai tai! However, given the recent uptick in shark attacks in Hawaii, (Maui is where I'm going) I'd like something at least a little useful just in case. I get that any knife vs. shark is like any handgun vs. bear, i.e., a bad plan. But I always carry either a knife or gun on land, and I feel uneasy going without one in the water. I would absolutely hate to have to use it to injure any marine life, but if something happened, I don't want to regret not being as prepared as I can be.

    FWIW - I'm a guy, and have normal sized hands - and I think the Salt would probably be a good size as it similar to other knives I have and carry. I wonder is the Pacific a bit too big to deploy, use comfortably, carry, etc., or not. Are either of them easier to deploy with wet hands? The bigger size of the Pacific might be an advantage there, I don't know?

    I tend to try to use the right sized gear for the situation. For instance, I carry a Glock 26 most days and like the size efficiency a lot. Bigger isn't always better.
  7. syntaxerrorsix

    syntaxerrorsix Anti-Federalist

    HI is a may issue state to residents only so fair warning on the gun bit.

    I don't use any of them with any frequency while diving. There simply isn't that much cutting that needs to be done but when there is you really need to cut it. It's usually mono off a buddies valve or some such nonsense.

    For in water activities I prefer serrations because I'm not looking for a clean cut, I just need it cut and with 10% more cutting edge and the ability of the serrations to grab whatever I'm cutting it's my go to edge.

    You are not going to fend off a shark. You aren't even going to see it. If you're worried about them stay out of the water :wavey:
  8. I hear you on not seeing the sharks until its too late, or being able to fend one off very well if attacked. There is a reason they're apex predators in an environment with no place to hide. Speed + strength = food. I'm not particularly worried about them, my wife on the other hand is. I keep telling her most shark bites are not sustained attacks but curiousity, or just "hit & run" bites once the shark realizes this is not the normal shark-chow. So far, this has failed to comfort her much. Go figure! :dunno:

    So no real size preference? Did you buy one first and then see the need for the other, or just kinda ended up with both?
  9. syntaxerrorsix

    syntaxerrorsix Anti-Federalist

    I collect knives. It's a sick habit. I like a full size knife like the Endura for EDC and smaller knives like the Delica if I need to conserve room. It's all a matter of how much I want to carry and where. Spydercos are great knives and you can't go wrong with either. It's as simple as that.
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  10. That seems to be the concensus, and my dilemma!
  11. Based on everything I could find - and your real-world review - I went with the yellow Pacific Salt, with the serrated blade.

    I decided on it since it was of ample size to fill my hand, but not huge (just a bit bigger than my Kershaw Blur that I carry often - about 1/4" longer blade, and 5/8" longer handle), but 25% lighter. The extra handle length is where the lanyard hole is, so I figured that would be fine if it stuck out of my palm a bit.

    Also, I decided that I was trying to make this special purpose knife designed for marine environments into an all-purpose knife which it is not, really. I need a marine environment knife, so the SE Pacific I deemed best suited. I'll probably get "Spyder-bitten" and have a drawer full of them in no time when the Pacific Salt lives up to it's reputation!

    I'll try to post an unboxing, and an after-use review here.
  12. syntaxerrorsix

    syntaxerrorsix Anti-Federalist

    Good score. Don't get all bent out of shape if the laser etched H1 logo gets some flash rust. It happens and it's a result of the exposed carbides, it happens to us all and we *****ed. Either keep the logo coated with lube or do what everyone else did and if it rusts hit it with a 3m green scrubby.

    It cleans right up. I treat my H1 like Ti. Never been rinsed.
  13. Yeah, I read it's not the H1 blade, but the residue from the laser etching that "rusts" and it rubs right off and usually doesn't return.

    I'm pretty stoked to get it!

    Now to figure out how to keep it attached to me and not make it a pretty ocean floor decoration, but still usable. A lanyard is ok, but if needed it under stress, I have to draw it, put my hand through lanyard, and open the knife without dropping it. I'm thinking a small scuba retractor or a key-bak mini retractor would be easier. Would that make me an uber-dork newbie? (I'm thinking yep!)
  14. The yellow Pacific Salt arrived and it's not as big as I thought. A little larger than I'm used to carrying, but not unmanageable. Only the bit with the lanyard hole sticks out past my palm when I hold it. Just about perfect, really. At 3 oz., it's very light for a good-sized knife. I like the Spydie-hole for deployment. As my Kershaw Blur has assisted-opening, I'm still practicing how best to draw and open it though. It is also scary sharp right out of the box. I wasn't quite expecting it from a serrated blade, but it'll even pop the hairs on my left arm, and slices through paper with no effort at all. It goes through 550 paracord like it's almost not even there.

    However, as predicted, I couldn't resist the urge, so I also ordered a Salt 1 in black. I have some neon yellow paracord for use a lanyard that really "pops" visually in the water, so hi-vis is not compromised. It should arrive today or tomorrow. Comparison to follow. Because it's a bit smaller, I plan to also carry it for running, and cycling, since the H1 steel can tolerate the sweat just fine.

    I'm already looking at getting a Delica 4. More choices! Color, and ffg vs. saber grind. GAHHH!!!

    I read a post from one reviewer that said a Spyderco Delica/Enduras are like the Glocks of EDC pocketknives. It's ugly to some, but beautiful to others, it's light where it needs to be, strong where it needs to be, is very well-designed, and it just plain works. I'd say that about sums it up!

    Geez - 3 knives in 2 weeks - these things multiply faster than Glocks!
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  15. My black Salt 1 arrived today. Fit and finish are excellent, and it, too is wicked sharp. These knives are fine to look at, and the looks do seem to grow on you like a Glock, but you have to hold one to truly appreciate the design perfection of them. It just feels like a natural extension of the hand.

    Here's a comparison phot of the two Salts, and my Kershaw Blur and Kershaw Chive.

    View attachment 235534

    So far, I'm finding the black Salt 1 a bit more "intuitive" to handle and open from the "draw". Maybe it fits my hand better? I find that with the Salt 1, I just grab it, remove it from my pocket, and flick it open.

    I like the Pacific a lot, and it really fills my hand nicely. Lots more real estate for gripping. To just hold it and open it, it feels great. However, with the Pacific after drawing it from the pocket, it sometimes feels like my thumb needs to be longer to operate without pausing. With the Pacific, I did figure out that if I put my middle finger at the bottom of the clip before drawing it from my pocket (instead of my index finger), I'm positioned better to open the blade fully.

    I'm still opening and closing them both them constantly. My wife seems to enjoy the clicking sound. :upeyes:
  16. Update: I noticed that the Pacific blade was much stiffer upon opening and closing than the Salt 1, so to make it a fairer comparison, I loosened the main screw about 1/2 turn, and put just a bit of oil on the pivot point. It opens and closes much, much better now! Smooth and fast.

    Now I like them both for different reasons. Deciding which best suits my purposes is still not easy.

    I'm highly impressed with the quality feel of the Spydercos.
  17. GLK8876919

    GLK8876919 Confused...
    Lifetime Member

    syntaxerrorsix, have a bunch of Spyderco's as well. any MicroTech's in the collection? any opinion? just bought my first....
  18. syntaxerrorsix

    syntaxerrorsix Anti-Federalist

    I have one solitary MicroTech Executive Scarab. It's one of the originals and I've had it for years.

    I EDC'd it for about a year before I did something to it. I think I swapped out the skull crusher for the regular screw or something and after that it wouldn't retract into the handle.

    I sent it to MT where it stay for about four months. I called about it three times and the kept telling me they were working on it. At month four I called them and they had lost it. It turned up a few days later on some guys desk under some mail.

    Everything worked again and I never took anything on it apart again. I've since come to the conclusion that OTF auto's are cool as hell but I've got better one handed openers with better steel and better slicing ability. Keep in mind this is from extensive use... enough to wear the blade coating down.

    You knife should serve you well by most experiences I've heard about but the customer service at MT is sketchy.


    OP glad you like your new additions. Spyderco is one of my all time favorite knife companies. Enjoy.
  19. Black&TAN

    Black&TAN Senior Member

    ...if I only had some mono to cut, I'd be golden :supergrin:

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  20. I'll be interested in your longer term view of the H1 steel blade. I have a dragonfly2 salt that I carry to beach or kayaking - and find the blade dulls much more quickly than the vg10 on my delica4. I also find it much harder to get a good edge (via spyderco sharp maker) than other steels.

    But - still beats ruining something in salt water...

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  21. Bren

    Bren NRA Life Member

    Speaking of Spyderco research - I have never owned one and every time I look at them, I see a price range from $17 top $500+. I assume they ave various imported vs. USA lines of different quality. Is there a good source of information on what's what?

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