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Spur Ride for Cav Scouts...what is it?

Discussion in 'US Army Forum' started by bocaboca, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. my grandson will be going on a Spur Ride in November. He's a 19D Cav Scout and part of the 2nd Inf stationed in S. Korea.

    Has anyone taken the spur ride? I know if you pass you are issued your silver spurs and inducted in the Order of the Spurs. But what happens during the long is it both physical and mental testing? Any info would be appreciated

  2. I did mine in germany in 07. They vary from unit but usually include hazing and extreme physical/mental testing. I will try to find some pictures of me during mine taken by my xo. Like i said they all very but we did a pt test in full gear. Then got the dog crap smoked out of us for 12 hours. Then began the 36 hour road march going from station to station to perform very difficult tasks. I think total we marched 60 k thru the night with only 1 mre. About 25% dropped out. Ill get more info later as i am at work posting from my phone. Best of luck to your grandson. Scouts out.

  3. MajorD


    Aug 16, 2010
    bulldog pretty much has it - it usually includes testing on a bunch of sodier tasks - weapons fieldstripping, some include weapon qualification. also road march pt test map reading etc. usually lasts from very early in am to late into night-close to 24 hours. there is no "standard" it is set up by each cav unit usually by the senior nco's
  4. thanks guys for gettin back to me.....i guess I'll go check the weather forecast for November in Korea....I'm sure the cold will be a distraction to the process.

    Sounds like a lot of fun for a 19 year old !

    He thinks he has to memorize Fiddlers Green.....did you have to do that too?
  5. deadday


    Aug 14, 2007
    3 days of hazing for the ass pirates....I mean aspirants...It's good fun with some skills testing and PT thrown in to make it legit..
  6. deadday


    Aug 14, 2007
    he may be asked to recite all or part of it...It's something he should know...
  7. Memorizing fiddlers green is a cav tradition and is a scouts prayer. It is likely to make the spur ride much easier if he has it down.