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Springfield PW9143LP GI Champion lightweight

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by solomansousana, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. Any one have one of these Springfield Lightweight GI Champions for a while? If so, any comments?

    I just picked one up out of curiosity and I liked the way it shot, but I'd like to know how it handles under extended fire.

    Thanks in advance
  2. You should have no worries with durability, and if something unanticipated does happen, Springfield has an excellent reputation for their customer service.

  3. RonS

    RonS Millennium Member

    May 27, 1999
    Oh, USA
    Had mine since the fall of 08. I am not a heavy shooter due to a lack of time and funds, I have run perhaps 250-300 rounds through it in that time, WWB and Hornady 230 RN Swaged Lead reloads.

    My slide frame fit is very good for a production gun and excellent for a $499 gun, there is no play that I can feel. I hated the factory trigger pull so mine has a C&S USMC trigger group and sear spring in it. They dropped in with no adjustments indicating to me that the pin hole locations are correct. The trigger pull is probably half what it was and has lost the gritty feel that it had. After I finish with the sights, which is my next project, I plan to replace the hammer strut and the complete MSH set with one sans ILS.

    The gun does not feed Gold Dots. While working to improve feeding and ejection I tried to polish the extractor and decided that it was too soft, a cheap General Hardware swiss needle file cuts it like butter. I replaced it with a Bullet proof extractor and the same file will barely cut that part and using strips of 400 and 600 wet or dry backed up by hardwood forms I was able to get an outstanding finish on the extractor hook and breech face. Feeding is smoother now but Gold Dots still ram the bottom of the barrel and stop dead. I plan to try some Remington 185 HPs after the next gun show with any luck, that should solve that little issue.

    The finish on the aluminum frame rails is turning light. Can't say much about that, any finish is going to thin in that location. I see no indication of excessive wear or galling. Finish on the feed ramp is undamaged by my few attempts to force GDs up the ramp.

    Hope you enjoy yours.
  4. Now that I know firsthand, I've sent weapons in for one thing and it comes back with a whole slew of extra's done without charge. Springfield has NEVER dissapointed me with their warranty work.

    The reason I asked is for 40 years I've fired and worked with all forged 1911's, as are my preference, but with Springfields lifetime warranty, I took the plunge on this one, even in the event of a cracked frame after 30 or 40k rounds, I know S/A will replace the frame.
  5. Thanks for the info, I got mine for $516 OTD. The trigger pull according to my gauge is at 5.12lbs but it'll improve after I get the 750 rounds of ball practice in an the 250 rounds of carry ammo through it. I use PMC Starfire 230gr JHP as my carry load, and I've yet to find a 1911 in any configuration that will NOT function with this load as it approximates a ball round. Once it's broken in however, I plan on sending it in to Metaloy and have their gunsmith's install Novack 3 dot tritium sights with the front sight brighter than the rear, and have the entire pistol Metaloyed, which will give it a satin chrome finish, but the finish actually bonds to the metal and hardens it even further. I have a huge supply of Tripp, Kimpro Tack mags, Wilson mags, Metalform, and Mec-Gar mags with the rounded followers to prevent damage to the aluminum frame.
  6. BlayGlock


    Feb 18, 2010
    I carried a LW Operator for a while. Good gun, reliable and accurate enough. Best trigger I have ever felt on a production gun. I only fired about 3000 rounds through it before I sold it to buy my first Nighthawk. The guy who bought it is an officer and uses it as a duty weapon.
  7. RonS

    RonS Millennium Member

    May 27, 1999
    Oh, USA
    Thread drift warning.

    Thanks for the tip on the PMC Starfire ammo, that is one I am not familiar with I will give them a try, I like 230s anyway.

    We now return your thread to it's previous direction, thank you for your patience and have a nice flight.
  8. I've got 5 Nighthawks:

    1. GRP Recon
    2. Predator III
    3. Dominator with Crimson Trace grips
    4. Talon II 4.25
    5. T3 Stainless

    All I can say is once you've gone Nighthawk, it's hard to go back to anything else lol. They are an excellent weapon, with actions I don't think can be found on any other custom made 1911.