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Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by willis68, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. I have always said that I would not pay the price for a Springfield Pro because they use MIM parts. Well I got to shoot one the other day and I have absolutely changed my mind. They are a damn fine 1911 and I will definitely get one :cool:

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  2. They are outstanding 1911s, as with anything that comes out of Springfield Custom. :cool:

  3. Which parts are mim anyways?
  4. Bac,

    I have another 1911 to pay off first, but after that I will either Buy the Pro or a Les Baer SRP 1.5 in hard chrome. This will be a tough choice I know I will end up owning both, I just have to figure out which I want first :supergrin:
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  5. Whatchu talkin' 'bout Willis!?!

    Ive got a Custom Carry on order. Yesterday I was told it would be about another 8 weeks. /sigh. SA Custom Shop build some nice guns.
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  6. -mag catch
    -beavertail grip safety
    -slide stop
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  7. i dont see the big deal about mim parts. if they are quality parts, what's the problem? i have a sa mc operator and have seen no reason to replace mim parts used in it. hk uses mim parts and no one berates them for it. anyone have any data on widespread mim parts breakage? also, since we are on a glock forum, are there any glock mim parts? issues with same?

    or is it 1911 snobbery to say one would not own a 1911 built with, gasp!, mim parts?

    the pro was tested to a minimum of 20k rounds to meet the FBI requirements. if people in law enforcement carry it daily to protect themselves with it having some mim parts i am sure it will hold up to range use, daily carry, or being kept as a safe queen. buy the pro and shoot it. if i could afford one i would...
  8. Its not snobbery at all, in my opinion. I have dozens of 1911s with MIM parts and while I don't shoot as much as I would like, I've never had a problem with any of them.

    That being said, as good as Springfield Custom is, most of us would prefer $2500 1911s to be MIM-free.
  9. Willis, have you ever considered a TGO1?

    While their retail is high, they usually sell for just slightly more than the Pro and its one of the best 1911s I own.




  10. They are nice, I did get a chance to buy one a few years ago. I turned a good deal down I am not much into target sights, I like the 1911's set up for self defense I had a few Ed Brown target pistols that I ended up selling.
  11. I hear you.

    The TGO1 is certainly geared towards target/competition use.
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    They probably show up on gunbroker once a month or so, but it is hit or miss whether not it will be new, used, or really used. Otherwise you're going to be waiting a year if you order one.

    I got lucky and should have my 2001 manufactured Pro in a few days.
  13. Congrats!

    I think that was before any MIM was used at all.

    My TGO1 was built in 2002, I believe. Its an early model, Serial # 44.

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    Thanks. :)

    It is also one digit off (CRG 1084) of the one reviewed by Handguns FBI SWAT's most wanted article.
  15. Congrats man, Please post pictures when you receive it :cool:

  16. Very cool :cool:
  17. The longer one shoots and owns "custom" 1911s they realize that a $2600 gun shouldn't have mim in critical parts. (i.e. SS)

    Another thing that bothers me is that they no longer use Nowlin barrels. I don't mind the changes that much, I just think they are using cost cutting measures and the price is still rising.

    The Pro is a fine shooting weapon for sure but I'd rather find a used one made back 5-6 years ago if I were looking for one.
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  18. I wonder if the Nowlin barrel is still used in the TGO1?
  19. Couldn't tell ya, the Nowlin barrel switch took place a little over a year ago I believe and you can apparently still order them through the custom shop.

    To be honest, I don't doubt SA's stock barrels, however it's a cost cutting measure that will be disguised for "inconsistency" issues.
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    Hey Willis,

    You will need to change your avatar once you buy that Springfield........ :supergrin:

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