SPRINGFIELD!?! how could you?!?

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by clogspecialist, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. shays4me

    shays4me gunaholic

    Why not a Ruger? Sure, they're cast, but so is the Remington and the Ruger has a series 70 trigger. As far as the stainless goes, have it coated. Ruger has been building cast frame guns for years and they seem to have the hang of it. I had a GI model and found it to be a finicky beast. It was a little too tight out of the box to be reliable. Another problem I had is that once I added all the little things to it that I'd liked to have had it would have cost me over a grand! So, I sold it to my brother, who now has a over a grand in it, and bought a Kimber. Moral of the story is that you can save money now, or save money later. The GI is a good gun, IF it has everything you want already. Otherwise, get a mil-spec or loaded, IMHO.

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  2. I have a Springfield GI and a RIA GI. I've had problems with the Springfield due to the extractor. Also the RIA has a better trigger pull and has features more like the Springfield Milspec.

  3. clogspecialist

    clogspecialist 10-head

    I really was considering the ruger, but on top of my Glock 20, i would have to throw down about $350 or more and then i don't even know how long or how much it would cost to have it blue'd or parkerized. Considering STI spartan if i cant find a mil-spec or G.I, or hell i may even settle on a ruger P345 .45, cheap and seem like great durable guns (me likes single stack)
  4. clogspecialist

    clogspecialist 10-head

    IF ONLY MY HANDS COULD GROWW! then i wouldnt be in this situation and id be perfectly content with the Glock 20.
  5. ??

  6. crazymoose

    crazymoose Nonentity

    If you do decide to go with a Ruger (non-1911), I highly, highly recommend picking up a used P90 over a 345. YMMV.
  7. If your g20 is in good condition you could easily get $475 for it. You certainly won't get more value as a trade than you will selling outright.

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  8. usmc66

    I have a Springfield GI and love it. It feels just like my Dad's Remington Rand that I inherited. Neither gun is for sale, but just for the record, I have 4 RIA's and love them all. They have excellent customer service, forged frames and slides and very good quality workmanship. I feel sure the day will come when my son's will inherit and love every one of the John Moses Browning gems.
  9. Nestor

    Nestor Lean & Mean

    RIA are good guns, but the frames are cast, not forged.

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