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  1. As some of you may know i am looking to swap my Glock model 20 (generation 3) for a cheap 1911. Well i picked out the exact model i have in mind, a Springfield armory 5" G.I 1911. I picked this model because it has excellent reviews, no frills and represents as close to john brownings original design as most of us want to get. I love it, none of my local shops have any in stock (except one 23min away but in a different state, so thats not going to happen; stupid law in my opinion). so i tried online gun shops, none have this model in stock. this caught my curiosity, so i went to springfield armory's website and the G.I is not even present on their website! so i am guessing that they discontinued the G.I, this is outrageous, their cheapest model is now not being produced. The prices of the close brethren (the Mil-spec) is about $680 new and exceeds the value (and price NIB of my G20) so that is not an option. So tomorrow i am going to call every single gun shop i can find in the phone book with my area code and see if anyone has a G.I

    some people might say why not go with a Rock island?
    -well their frames are cast, not quite as strong as forged frames, and the quality is reportedly not as good as the springers. also i am one hundred percent sure that Rock Island armory doesnt have half the customer service or warranty the Springfield has.

    others may ask why i want to trade my reliable big-bore tupperware pistol
    -long story, just has to be done

    So can anyone confirm that the GI was discontinued? what are your thoughts?

    and if anyone out there knows of a hiding GI (like a poor jew hiding from the gestapo, except i am the gestapo and i dont intend to mistreat it) in the cincinnati area i would greatly appreciate the heads up.

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    They are NOT discontinuing the GI model.
    They ARE back ordered sooooooo deep, Soringer pulled the GI from the listings on the website.

  3. Exactly

  4. I'd sell your Glock outright and find a GI on Gunbroker.
  5. Quack

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    Being back ordered is the story they're giving people. I have word that IMBEL wants a pay raise because they see what Springfield is selling them for. I also heard that Springfield is possibly tooling up to make them in the US.

    On TOS i believe there was a guy that was told that the back orders for the GI would be cancelled at the end of 2011.
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  6. Wow, very interesting.

    Why would that be exclusive to just the GI though?
  7. well...IF Imbel raises the stakes to get more money, Springfield might respond with "we'll source frames from another vendor and finish them ourselves."...just speculation on my part of course...but may provide the impetus...

  8. MStarmer

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    They're not going to get any cheaper, if it were me I'd spend a few bucks extra and get the mil-spec. Still a good representation of the original with a few worthy upgrades that most people do anyway. That's what I was after but ended up with a Loaded instead, too good a deal to pass up and I thought it was a good value.
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    My guess that it's because the GI is the only model that was only made by IMBEL, the others are split between the 2 locations.
  10. Quack

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    fromt TOS:

  11. Just called about 20 different gunshops in the cincinnati area, ONE had a G.I (but it was stainless therefore im not interested) 3 had Mil-specs (which were also stainless, not interested) so my faith is now diminsished. I checked gunbroker and there is not a single 5" G.I listed, there is a 4" champion parkerized but i require the 5" barrel. i dont weant to just sell the Glock first because even though its only had about 300rounds through it, i could only get about $400 for it, that makes me about $250 of from a G.I

    so should i attempt and do a massive complicated swap for the one in the state next to me?

    I figure i could walk in and talk to em, then figure out a plan to have my local ffl ship my glock to them, maybe add $150 cash, and have them ship their G.I to my ffl. for all the exchange my local FFl would probably charge me $50 and maybe even the shipping, then i would be into it more than i'd like to be.

    Maybe i should just suck it up and stick with my G20
  12. I'm not sure why you're over complicating things here. Go get a copy of your dealers FFL, go to the store that has the gun you want. Take your G20 with you hand it to them and pay the remaining amount with cash or a credit card and have them ship it to your dealer. Done you should have the gun tomorrow.


  13. Quack

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    Pro Armament in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio has a pre owned GI for $599. Also try Vances in Columbus.
  14. Makes sense
  15. OE Outfitters,which is just north of Dayton shows them on there website,don't know if they have them in stock or not.I have bought a couple of guns there ,nice people.
  16. 2 gun shops in the Louisville area have mil-specs (not SS versions) for 669.00.
  17. Would not surprise me at all. I don't know what Springfield is paying the Brazilians, but I'm guessing it's nowhere near what they're charging. Same with the XD and the Croatians.
  18. faawrenchbndr

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    Thanks for the updated info Quack!
  19. I can't see Springfield accepting a lower margin, and I don't know who has experience and expertise forging 1911's that's going to do it cheaper than the Brazilians, so I'd suspect a price increase is in the works no matter what.
  20. I appreciate the help Quack!

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