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    Most of you already know the back story but if not---the Springfield Armory PRO model was chosen by the FBI's HRT unit years ago and Springfield Armory realized there would soon be a demand for a civilian weapon built around the same specs as required by the FBI. The PRO is a custom 1911, with all the features, especially the price, that you'd expect from a custom 1911. The TRP comes extremely close to the PRO model in terms of feel/performance but at a much lower price point. I waited on a backorder list for a long time to get this gun after shooting one a couple years ago and the wait was worth it. This gun has been a stellar performer since day 1. Here's a quick summary:

    -100% reliable through over approximately 2k rounds
    -Low profile adjustable night sights
    -Match grade bull barrel
    -Forged steel frame/slide
    -G10 grips that give a great purchase
    -20 LPI front strap checkering
    -Excellent slide to frame fit
    -Armory Kote finish seems very durable thus far
    -Standard rail for mounting lights/accessories
    -Weight-45oz helps absorb recoil
    -Wide mouth mag well for quick reloads
    -Cost (expensive, but a great value in my opinion)
    -Great accuracy
    -Crisp trigger that breaks cleanly around 4-4.5lbs
    -Comes with a great hard case from the factory with 2 mags, holster, and mag holster

    -Needs tools for disassembly
    -Adjustable rear sight (not a con for me, but it is for many)
    -Cost (not as expensive as some 1911s, but more than most production guns)
    -Availability: most people have to get on a backorder list to acquire one

    Here's a video I made showing some shooting, an 'accuracy test' (the gun is much more accurate than me or the Aguila ammo I was using), disassembly/assembly of the pistol, a table top style overview, and some chronograph testing with popular defensive loads.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YL0pMrljrxo&feature=g-upl"]Springfield Armory TRP 1911 Review - YouTube[/ame]

    Bottom line: if you're looking for a 1911 for HD, the TRP is tough to beat at its' price point. It's simply a superb 1911. There may be 'better' 1911s, but not in this price range in my opinion.

    Chronograph Data:

    Hornady Critical Defense 185gr: 1113fps, 509ft/lbs energy
    Winchester Ranger 230gr JHP: 938fps, 449ft/lbs energy
    Federal HST 230gr JHP: 872fps, 388ft/lbs energy
    Federal HST +p 230gr JHP: 945fps, 456ft/lbs energy

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  2. Dan Wesson's are around the same price as the TRP's. Wouldn't you say that's better?

  3. Nice review. Been looking for a nice railed 1911. Going to look into the Springfield.

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  4. Perhaps in name only. I had a Valor and sold it (bought it around $850 years ago, sold it for $1200 :supergrin:). In terms of performance---I do not think it is better. But, that's one man's opinion.:dunno:
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    Make that 2.
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    God in heaven that's a beautiful gun my friend:wow::faint:


    Good review Pdiddy...they really are nice. 100% reliable is huge

    Um no
  8. Any gun could be a keeper. I just sold a DW CCO .45, which i'm sure alot of guy's would love to own. I should be receiving my new SA TRP next week, alway's wanted one.
    And i know it's gonna be a keeper!:cool:
  9. Thanks for the review.
  10. I had wanted a TRP for months now, and actually there is a local gun shop that has had them in stock on a pretty regular basis. Both the TRP and the TRP Operator with the rail in stainless or Armory Kote. Too bad they are know it all rude *********s there who have not and probably would never get a dollar of my money or else I would have had one alot sooner.I had kept asking the guy I have always dealt with if he could get one but they had always been on backorder. On Friday I just so happened to stop by there to kill some time in between my next job and he had finally had one in the case. I asked him to hold it until Monday which he did with no problem and I finally got my TRP. Took it out shooting yesterday and it is a tack driver, and well worth the wait. Also goes to show that peoples attitudes, no matter how bad I have wanted the gun, made me refuse to spend my money until my guy could get one. Like the OP said this is a keeper for sure and damn worth the money. I paid $1400 no tax out the door. Sorry for the rant but I cannot stress how much of a ********* the other dealer is and made me refuse to buy the gun I had wanted for so long. Good review and a damn good firearm, I love it!!!!
  11. Nice choice. I have a couple myself, and they are indeed tough to beat for the price point.

    Keep an eye on the pins in the rear sight. I had them come out and eventually replaced the rear sight with a Harrison.
  12. Good video review. Thanks for sharing your results.
  13. Thank you. Just trying to share the fun :supergrin: I personally like seeing a gun perform better than reading about it (but I like that too:wavey:).
  14. Thanks for the review, great looking pistol.

  15. Nice review on a very nice pistol. Thanks!
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    Great looking gun and good review. :thumbsup:
  17. Yep, I have a stainless one. They may not be too common in stores, but they're usually all over the auction sites.
  18. 45oz loaded or unloaded? If unloaded that is quite heavy.


    How much does your 5" carbon steel railed 1911 weigh?:supergrin:
  20. Unloaded. I like it personally.

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