Sport Touring Ride?

Discussion in 'Moto Club' started by john_glock_mi, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. What is a good sport/touring motorcycle to get?

    I've seen the Yamaha FJR and Kawasaki had the ZZR for a while.

    Others I should be considering?

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  2. Hayabusa makes a nice touring bike.

  3. xring04

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    The new kawi connie is pretty "f"ing sweet!

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    I've been looking at the new Kawasaki C-1400 as well. Seems like alot of bike for the $. I'm trying to figure out if I need ABS or not. I'm also going to try to wait for 09 and get a 2nd year bike.

    So far the biggest complaint I've seen from riders is the heat. I understand they all have heat issues though.

    I think my Kaw Z-1B will go another year with out too many problems.
  5. fnfalman

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  6. I`ve long been looking for a Sport-touring bike myself.

    My issue with the Japanies bikes is that the factory does not design the bikes to be upgradeable. They make the bike and that`s it. It took forever plus 3 years for Honda to add factory saddle bags to its VFR. Yes, you can get aftermarket accessories that may be good or may be not.
    On the end, I went with a used BMW. I could have bought a new Japanes bike for the price but the R1100S had everything I wanted from a Sport-touring bike:

    ABS (I want to stop even, if its raining, and even if its a crappy road)

    heated grips (it will get cold)

    center stand (Easy tire change, less space in garage)

    single sided drive shaft swing arm (no wheel aligning, no greasing)

    FACTORY laggage system (lockable, easy removal)

    Telelever front suspension (no noise diving- no hand fatigue)

    Air/oil cooled boxer (no coolant change, easy maintanence access, since the cylinders are outside of the frame, your mojo can stay cool)

    Insurance cost (Mine is $208/year full cover)

    I also love the way the boxer twin sounds. At acceleration it has a cool (to me) sound, but at cruising speed there is NO engine sound at all, you can only hear the wind blowing by.






  7. whogasak47

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    The new Suzuki Bandit 1250 (you can get factory bags as an upgrade or

    the Kawasaki Concourse What a great upgrade 2008 avail. now

    Good Luck and Ride Safe:thumbsup:

    what a nice BMW above !
  8. It's hard to argue with Laszlo. My friend has a BMW just like his with about 57k miles on it, and he loves it. He takes it on trips all over the country.

    I am happy with my Yammie FZ1. No long trips yet, but comfortable for the 3-4 hour trips I've taken it on.
  9. What he said. I have an old ('96) R1100RT and I never get tired of it. It could use to be a little bit lighter, but all things considered, it's a seriously good bike. BMWs are made very well and maintenance is pretty easy.
  10. I'd also add that if you're looking at used bikes, my limited experience is that BMW owners tend to take pretty good care of their bikes and don't treat them as disposables.

    Also, the dealer I bought my bike from (new) has had the same technicians for years and they're good. The service is expensive, but well done. I haven't used them since my ride went off warranty (long time ago), but never had any complaints. BMW parts are expensive.
  11. That is because BMW owners are usually a know...older.

    The gentelman a got mine from is 59. This bike is immaculate. Not even a light scratch anywhere.
  12. Hey...............I resemble that remark. 59 is NOT old.

    Smilies don't seem to be working at the moment, but you get the idea.
  13. fnfalman

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    Are you sure that it's a BMW and not an "American" brand? Most BMWs I see are well used and look like it. An immaculate BMW, my heaven...the Bavarian gnomes are turning in their graves at the thought of that.:tongueout:
  14. I couldn't find what I wanted, so I built my own from a 2004 R1150R with a Hannigan fairing and with suspension, footpegs, foot controls, and luggage pieces from an R1150GS. The wheels are from an R1100S and the tires were made for a Buell Ulysses.

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