Sponsor: Holsterama.com - 10% off for GlockTalk members

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  1. Holsterama

    Holsterama GT Sponsor

    Hello Glock fans,

    Holsterama.com is a sponsor of the GlockTalk fundraiser. If you don't get to win the MASTER'S Italian Leather Holsters we donated, you can buy them at a discount at our website: www.Holsterama.com or www.JBPholsters.com (same site).
    JUST ENTER PROMO CODE "GT10" DURING CHECKOUT for 10% off on your purchase.

    We offer a variety of high quality leather holsters for Glock and other guns at low prices. Pancake, Paddle, IWB, Shoulder, SOB, Belt Scabbard and other styles of holsters are available for most Glock models.


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