Spikes Tactical quad rails?

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by Meanie5470, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Hey I just got my first AR last month (Armalite M14A2) and Im looking for a FF rail for it (mid length). I know there are a million rail threads on here but none I could find that answers my question. Looking for the lightest I can get and it looks like the Spikes SAR is it. Besides that I was looking at the Daniel Defense M4 rail. I know that DD makes top quality rails but I dont know much about Spikes. Cost isnt really a huge issue but of course it does play a part and the Spikes is cheaper too. So its cheaper and lighter then the DD... is the DD still worth the extra money? And no the gun wont see rugged use unless SHTF but I still want good stuff on it. Also, the only advantage to a 2 piece like the omega rail is easier install right? I feel like a 1 piece would always be stronger and less prone to movement.

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  3. Forget quad rails. They make handguards way heavier than they need to be and you will never use all that rail space. Get a tubular style handguard and attach rail sections only in the places you need it. Quad rails are old hat.

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  4. at 8oz the weight didn't seem like a huge deal. That's barely more then a plastic hand guard.
  5. Take a look at the Troy Alpha rails and the Noveske NSR as well. Never had a Spike rail in had but have had a couple DD rails and they are very very nice. I have a Troy Alpha w/ sight and like it a ton. The Troy rial made me a believer of tube rails. If I was buying right now I'd be giving the Noveske NSR a very very close look.
  6. I put DD omegas on the one I just built and really like them. Very simple to install, very light,& functional. I looked at the tube rails also, and liked them as well, but got a great deal on the DD just before everything went nuts.
  7. Man the slots on the noveske rail look like the slots on the back of a phone to hang it on the wall lol

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  8. I just got my Spikes upper last week and it sports the SAR rail. I like it light, the kinda oval shape lets the hand wrap around nicely too. Rifle ended up right at 8 lbs even.

    Though I haven't had it long enough to find anything I don't like either so take it for what it's worth. I can get up pics tomorrow if you want or have questions on anything with the rail.

    That said I got it cuz it's all I could get at the time. I do like the tubes with the add on rails. The rail space is nice to adjust things where you want but I was never a big fan on the quad rail look.
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    I installed a Spikes rail on a buddy's rifle a few months back. It was very light and seemed very sturdy. I own 3 DD rail systems, and for the money, the Spikes will be fine.
  10. Damn I was really hoping you guys would tell me it was a POS lol. Still torn. I have however I think changed my plan of attack and I think Im going with a 12" rail and a low pro gas block. The gas block on it now is stainless with a rail on top. Have any of you ever cut that down instead of buying a new one?
  11. Travclem

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    Shaving an A frame gas block is no big deal. That railed one will be a pain in the ass unless you have a shop. I'd just buy a low pro, they aren't that high.
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  12. any suggestions on good brands for gas blocks? Or are they all pretty much the same?
  13. Travclem

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  14. The best cheap option is to shave the a-frame, as the pinned gas block will be very secure.

    Next up is sending it to a good shop to have a pinned low profile block installed.

    Short of that, use a set-screw type gas block with the barrel under the set screws being dimpled so the gas block won't walk forward over time.
  15. My gas block has 2 allen screws on the bottom clamping the block to the barrel, That would mean its not pinned right? The top of the block is a rail section not an a frame.
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  17. Even the larger BAR rails from Spikes are pretty lightweight. My 12" BAR weighs in at 14 oz. And I have big hands, so I grip it comfortably.
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    I have heard that drilling a little of the barrel under the allen screws will help lessen the chance of the block moving. If it were me, I would have it pinned on by ADCO, if I felt I couldn't do it myself.


    I prefer this way:

    But this way is the best way if it already had a FSB installed:

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