Speer Lawman FMJ VS TMJ?

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by Slug71, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,
    I want to get some good ammo to fill my empty mags with and make a little stock pile. Too expensive with hollow points so I've decided on Speer Lawman in either TMJ or FMJ. Would either one be good enough for SD/SHTF scenario or should I pick one over the other?

    I know what the difference is between the two and that manufacturers make them differently. Some with a FMJ bullet and a plated bottom and others where the lead is completely plated. At least thats what I concluded from my research. Just not sure how Speer does it.

    Thanks in advance. :)

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  2. What caliber? You really should rethink not using JHPs for SD. Pistols aren't known for being great stoppers even with modern hollow points. Why make it worse by not using hollow points? You don't need that many.

    In 9mm the old Federal 9BPLE is a very good load and could be found for around $17 per box of 50 once in awhile. Of course that was before the latest panic.

    As far as Lawman FMJ vs TMJ, I doubt it makes much difference in terms of one over the other.

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    Get thee over to SGAmmo.com and look at what he's got on that site. Different styles/brands/prices/quantities. Get an idea of what's available and choose. Don't scrimp on self-defense!

    Like Cowboy says, it's not all so expensive. A good brand of SD round can be had for around $20 or so for 50. Just don't shoot them all up at once and keep sufficient on hand for your gun. :supergrin:
  4. Along with those above, I'd encourage you to use JHPs for SD since FMJs are not the best option. You're better off with a round that expands and damages the most tissue possible as opposed to a round that simply slips through tissue with a minimal of damage.

    The TMJ is a totally enclosed design achieved by electrolytically plating the jacket to lead core whereas the FMJ is a "cup and core" construction, that is- the jacket is struck to form its shape and then a soft lead core is forced into it.

    Neither one behaves any differently in tissue than the other and there are much better options, namely JHPs.
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  5. 9mm.
    Thanks. Will look into more JHP options.
  6. If you are just talking about stockpiling ammo, then yes, FMJ or TMJ is fine. But the bullets in your magazine that you carry everyday should be premium hollow points.
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    Amen, brother. Good post. :supergrin:

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