Speer Gold Dot vs. Double Tap

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  1. I was getting ready to declare that after I get my Load-X ammunition order ( if I get my Load-X ammunition order), that there are only about ten loads left in the 357sig landscape.... Then today I discover that Grizzly Cartridge Company has a couple of new loadings. I have one load on the way - a 90 grain JHP. Here is the other one = Xtreme. Will keep you updated!

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  2. I went ahead and ordered a box of the Extreme! This is getting to be an expensive habit! Will update list as things arrive!

  3. List on page 1 updated to read:

    41.) Grizzly Cartridge Company - 90g - JHP

    And another surprise (for me anyway) - When I went into Cabelas this weekend I found they had this in stock !!!!! - which I bought and added to the list!!:

    43.) Hornady - 115g - FXT

    List now at 93!!
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  4. Another load on the way - Winchester Rangers' Sinterfire offering as seen here.

    An update on some other orders:
    Got an e-mail from Grizzly Cartridge Company. They are zero balance on the Xtreme ammo and it may be a while before they run another batch. Hmmm....? I heard this before from RTKB ammo who never did bring back their 357sig line.
    Haven't heard a peep from Load-X...no communication at all!! Hmmm....? Very similiar to another California firm I ordered from - Custom Cartridge. Never heard back from them and never had my order filled.

    Well, the list will reach 94 when the Ranger frangible gets here!!
  5. Came today! List on page 1 updated to read:

    93.) Winchester Ranger - 100g - SF - frangible

    List now at 94!!
  6. Looks like a good zombie load!
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    Great thread!
  8. Outstanding thread! Is it safe to assume ( I really hate that word ) that the Gold Dot 125gr is one of the best bullets for this caliber? Why did DT stop using that bullet. I have two Dillon loaders and am considering putting them into use again.

    I pm's Mas today asking him this question. What's the difference between the factory load. Speer Gold Dot 125 personal defense and 125 LE Duty ammo?

    Thank for having this threat and I look forwards to getting some answers. FYI I opted for the Glock 32 over the Sig P239
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  9. The difference is a slight velocity increase from the 53918 item and the 54234 item, as well as a slight diferent six vs. five petal bullet design in the 53918. The lower velocity 1350 fps 53918 was developed for a government agency which I think is the FAM, and is also marketed in 20 round boxes for the civilian market.

    Not sure however how this all makes a difference in the real world, both hit very hard and expand reliably because of the shallow hollow point design. If I were to pick a reliable expanding bullet, it would be one of those two.
  10. List on page 1 updated to read:

    76.) Remington Disintegrator - 104g plated frangible

    I found this at a LGS when I was picking up a new handgun ( not chambered in 357sig ) Didn't even know it was available....
    Also I put in an order for this - another company I had never heard of. Apparently they are down the road from Bitterroot Valley Ammunition in Montana.

    An update on some other orders:

    Got my order re-funded from Grizzly Cartridge Company - I guess they won't be making the Xtreme ammo again in 357sig anytime soon :crying:
    Haven't heard a peep from Load-X.... I guess that order will never be filled:crying:

    List now stands at 95 !!!
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  11. Just ordered another load....this one another loading from Underwood - a factory new load (versus remanufactured) using Gold Dot bullets.
    I also have a couple interesting leads on some hard to find loadings.... will update soon!
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  12. Another load coming... this one a 125gr JHP round from Alabama Ammo. I had heard of this company. They sell a lot at gun shows (probably mostly "down south"??) but not via internet. Found this box on a gun auction site. Will update the list when I have my hands on it!!
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  13. List on page 1 updated to read:

    88.) Underwood Ammunition - 125g - GDJHP

    I am still impressed with Underwood! Fast service...packed well. I liked their remanufactured load and look forward to trying this!
    clarkstoncz, you will be glad to know, I finally bit the bullet and ordered the Double Tap loads in 80g Barnes TAC-XP and Barnes 115g TAC-XP! Those will get the list to 100(!). Also clarkstoncz - I love that G32!!!

    List now at 96!
  14. Another load coming! This one I stumbled upon and it was a surprise to me. I never knew Precision Ammunition made this. I also thought that they went out of business. I remembered that Ruag RWS makes copper matrix ammo ( but they seem to be zero balance a lot). I did a little research and found out that RWS actually bought out Precision Ammunition - an article So this is new old stock stuff! - a rare one...

  15. List on page 1 updated to read:

    48.) Hunting Shack Ammunition - 124g - PFP (plated flat point) (RL)

    List now at 97!!
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  16. Nice. 100 can't be far away!
  17. List on page 1 updated to read:

    23.) Double Tap - 80g - Barnes TAC-XP
    24.) Double Tap - 115g - Barnes TAC-XP

    List now at 99..... drum roll please:supergrin:
  18. List on page 1 updated to read:

    1.) Alabama Ammo Inc. - 125g - JHP

    Since I list these alphabetically, what are the chances that my 100th load would start with ALA causing me to re-number the whole list? That's my luck! and....

    List on page 1 updated to read:

    69.) Precision Ammunition - 100g - copper matrix NTF (non-toxic frangible)

    They (Precision Ammunition) actually list no bullet weight on the box but since they were bought out by RWS, I went with the weight they (RWS) list their copper-matrix at: 100g

    The 100 barrier has been broken! The list now stands at 101!!

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    Hey Nit,

    Any chance you're a mod at Rivals?
  20. Nope... I had to startpage Rival just to find out what it is:outtahere:

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