Speer Gold Dot vs. Double Tap

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  1. i see people here compare speer, hst and ranger with double tap. is dt ammo trusted as much as the large companies? i have asked about this before on another topic and most people said no, but here i have read many saying they had switch from speer to dt. dt velocities are impressive but wouldn't that be much harder on a glock or not?

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  3. dt has suffered a serious reputation drop. for the most part dt has started using the montana gold bullet instead of the gold dot. of course you know montana gold is not on par with the gold dot. this is not the only problem however. the main problem when you talk about dt being trusted is that they are not always informing their customers that they are changing their bullets. the customer is left to figure this out once they receive their product. not good business. until such practices are changed i can't recommend trusting them. imho of course.
  4. I picked up 100 rounds of Ranger T from LuckyGunner, and now have all of my mags loaded with it. I previously had a mix of Ranger T and Gold Dot that I got with the pistol. The leftover Rangers and all of the Gold Dots are now sitting in the safe. If anyone is interested, LG had the Ranger T's for $30 per 50 round box.

    Edit to add: Those rat bastards have since dropped the price to $27 a box. Oh well.
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  5. Just ordered a box of Grizzly Cartridge Company ammunition as seen here:


    I will add it to the list when I get it!!!
    (Hey! If there are any companies out there that aren't on the list - and want to be added quickly...send me a box of your ammo for testing :whistling: )
  6. Ordered a box of Hornady TAP 124g JHP and a box of the Hornady TAP 147g JHP. When I get them in, I will update the list. This will bring the list to 79...
  7. List on page 1 updated to read:

    40.) Grizzly Cartridge Company - 124g - JHP

    That brings the total to 77!!! Hopefully, I have two Hornady TAP loads coming and Double Tap now has two new 115g loads:

    The 357 Sig 115gr. Nosler JHP 50rds.

    and the 357Sig 115gr. Barnes TAC-XP Lead Free 50rds.

  8. Apparently, there is no end to this 357 Sig ammo!! I just ordered two boxes of Bitterroot Valley Ammunition Company 125g - JHP as seen here:

    outdated link

    I will add it to the list when I get it in my hot little hands.... and I think I will stop guessing where the ceiling is on my collection...
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  9. List on page 1 updated to read:

    1.) Bitterroot Valley Ammunition - 125g - JHP

    I re-listed American Eagle under Federal American Eagle so this one takes top spot... The list stands at 78 and.....:whistling:......more to go!!
  10. List on page 1 updated to read:

    44.) Hornady - 124g - TAP CQ

    :cold: Half a frown here though...They got my order wrong - sent me two boxes of this and forgot to send the 147gr version I ordered. I will have to see how TargetSportsUSA's customer service is.... anyway, 79 on the list now!
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  11. Forby

    So....... it I get an uzi sub gun and a 10 inch 357 barrel, could I reasonably expect about 1844fps? What kind of energy does that equate to?

    I've been thinking of going this route for many months now and want to explore how fast we can go??
  12. Two more loads on the way from Right to Bear Ammo... a load of 125gr FMJ and 125g JHP. That will bring the list up over 80. Unfortunately, TargetSportsUSA never did get me the load of Hornady TAP CQ 147g I ordered :dunno:....poor show!
  13. RedHaze

    RedHaze Handgunner

    Check this out then.

    Ballistics by the inch - 357 Sig

  14. An update on my journey to get/try different ammo: TargetsportsUSA finally got more Hornady TAP 147g ammo in stock, so I ordered two boxes. Please Targetsports, send me the right stuff this time!!! The Right to Bear Ammo company has not made another run of 357sig yet and offered to refund my money ( great customer service so far) but I told them to keep it and send me the loads when assembled. I just ordered 5 boxes of 125g FMJ from Wisconsin Cartridge Company. When all arrives, the list on page one will be up to 83!
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  15. List on page 1 updated to read:

    45.) Hornady - 147g - TAP CQ

    Now at the 80 milestone and 90 will be obtainable!!
  16. List on page 1 updated to read:

    53.) Military Ballistics Industries - 124g - FMJ (RL)

  17. Another load on the way!! This one from International Cartridge Corporation - a 100g - HP - frangible ( Green Elite TR) load as seen here:

    outdated link

    This company also makes a Green Elite NT round which is lead free ( the Green Elite TR stands for training ) and a Green Elite HP duty round - both of which I have been unable to locate so far.....
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  18. List on page 1 updated to read:

    82.) Wisconsin Cartridge Corp. - 125g - FMJ

    For those interested, they sell on Gunbroker under the seller name wcc-1
    I believe they have a website also...
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  19. Yet another load on the way!! This one Precision Cartridge, Inc -110g- frangible RNFP as seen here:


    I also got a box of their 125g FMJ. I have already bought and shot some of this stuff (on the list at 58 now) - but bought half a case and it came in Ziploc bags. So, I have been wanting a box as I collect an empty of each on the list... Just wish I hadn't thrown the Pro-load and CCI Blazer boxes away ( who knew they would stop making them? )

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