Speer Gold Dot vs. Double Tap

Discussion in 'TOP GUNS *357 Sig* Club' started by bruce21b, Dec 5, 2004.

  1. If anyone cares, I just found out that Winchester Ranger T series is on par with the average, 1350fps and Federal HST is said to chrono about 1360. Leaving Double Tap the king of the .357sig in terms of velocity. Followed by buffalo bore.

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  2. i'm still curious as to whether the hst's are experiencing jacket seperation and fragmentation at the .357 SIG velocities. that is their claim to fame along with consistent expansion and it should make for a pretty potent load if it lives up to its hype in the other calibers.

  3. Are you saying that HSTs have areputation for fragmentation and jacket separation? Thats how I read it. I have some coming, and I'll have to test that for you by shooting some covered water jugs or if im feeling rich maybe Ill shoot some gel. If someone has beaten me to it let me know and save me some time.
  4. no exactly the opposite. HST's reputation is one of 100% weight retention and lack of jacket separation even through hard barriers. i'm curious to see if they maintain those characteristics at the high velocities of 357 SIG rounds. i haven't been able to find any ballistics testing or results of the HSTs in this caliber. i wish i had enough property to do the tests myself, but unfortunately don't.

    i made an attempt to organize this kind of testing by another GT member who does awesome videos and consistent tests and asked for contributions of various 357 SIG loads. there haven't been many members who have displayed any interest in donating their SD rounds for the testing though. if you are interested let me know.

  5. Thats good, I hadn't heard of those problems with these rounds. I was also think that at this velocity the "petals" may peel back too far becoming more or less the same diameter that they started.

    Hopfully I will be able to test GD, DT, Ranger T and HST soon and come up with a definitive conclusion.

    If you notice on the GDs the hollowpoint is very shallow, probly to avoid over expansion I havn't recieve any of the others to compare yet (in commute), but I assume they are deeper cavities.
  6. those are the 4 rounds i really wanted to see results on. if you could perform the tests that would be awesome. videos and pictures of each test would be even better. :supergrin:

    i don't have any hst in 357 yet but those and rangers tend to have deeper hp cavities than the GD in other calibers. DT is supposed to be using GD bullets in their rounds so those two should be the same.
  7. Bruce, the best thing about the .357 Sig is that not so dependent on bullet design to create expansion...., that said, I carry Buffalo Bore 125's and use Powerball for HD...
  8. Ok!! have another loading on the way: Speer 100gr frangibles
    That will bring the list to 71. Of course, as per usual, I will update the list when I actually have the product in hand!! My P229 ( which has 60 of these loadings down the tube) should get a good workout this spring!!
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  9. Ok....again!! I have another loading on the way: Remanufactured ammo from Middle Creek Shooting Supply

    I will update list on page one when this arrives -#72....Wow!
    #109 NitLion, Jan 18, 2010
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  10. List on page one updated to read...

    6.) CCI Speer Lawman RHT - 100g - franjible

    more coming...
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  11. The doubletap ammunition I received (.357sig) have the bonded defense bullets loaded into the brass, not gold dots. Anyone have pictures or feedback on the performance of these bullets particularly in terms of expansion?
  12. List on page one updated to read...

    45.) Middle Creek Shooting Supply - 124g - FN (RL)

    Got a nice letter from this outfit that came with the ammo! A hand written footnote at the bottom said:

    There is more out there...but my wallet needs to take a breather.. :faint:
  13. Two more loads coming!!!

    Fiocchi -124g - XTP Hollow Point
    Fiocchi -100g - lead-less frangible ammo

    This will bring the total on page one to 74.....will update list when ammo is on hand...
  14. G33

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  15. List on page one updated to read:

    32.) Fiocchi - 124g - FMJ
    33.) Fiocchi - 124g -XTPHP

    I also ordered two more loadings from Midway:

    Extreme Shock CT-2 Tactical Ammunition 357 Sig 90 Grain Copper Jacketed Polymer Tip Lead-Free. I believe this is different than the 90g "fang-face" load as this has a polymer tip rather than a hollow point. Looking at web-sites the 90g fang-face is no longer offered.


    SBR LaserMatch Tracer Ammunition 357 Sig 124 Grain Full Metal Jacket ERVT (backordered)

    This will bring the total to 76....I will try to research Extreme Shock a little more...
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  16. Yes! Just checked my ammo stash and, by pure dumb luck, I have a 20rnd box of the 90gr FFHP. The others I shot up. Definitely different than the one pictured by Midway...
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  17. List on page one updated to read:

    27.)Extreme Shock-90g-JPT-(lead free-franj)

    When I first started buying 357sig ammo in 1999, I never thought the list would get this long:wow:
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  19. List on page one updated to read:

    54.) Prvi Partizan - 125g - FPJ

    Now at 76.
  20. Hey guys anyone had experience with Winchester ranger t enhansed 357 sig thinking about changing ccw ammo I've never. Shot them

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