Speer Gold Dot vs. Double Tap

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  1. List on page 1 updated to read:

    77.) Parabellum Research - 147g - FMJ (value line)(RL)
    78.) Parabellum Research - 147g - JHP (value line)(RL)
    79.) Parabellum Research - 147g - FMJ (premium line)
    80.) Parabellum Research - 147g - JHP (premium line)


    List at 120!!!:wow:

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  2. Another load on the way!!!

    This one is the Good to Go Ammo Barnes TAC-XP load as seen here.

    That will bring the list to 121. I really was down to about seven more known loads out there but now have found out that Buchanann Cartridge, which became Northwest Custom Projectile seen here (Outdated link)
    is NO more. So really...maybe three loads left out there..am I getting to the end?? :embarassed:

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  3. It never ends!
  4. I hope you're right... I want to be doing this like this :fred: lol!!
  5. May or may not have three more loads coming. Exhibit A: Hunting Shack Ammo lists two loadings -
    a 124g - PFP (plated flat point) (RL) and
    a 125g Speer UHP (Uni-Core Hollow Point)

    I have the 124g Flat Point load and have been looking for the UHP load. Well I found a site that had a 125g TMJ listed...huh? The picture shows The 125g Speer UHP
    see for yourself:

    The link even has it listed a 357sig125grgolddothollowpoint if you look in the address bar when you go to the page. They only had one box left so I took a chance and ordered it. Hope it is the Speer load - the list will go to 122!

    Exhibit B: I ordered two loadings from Custom Cartridge, Inc. -
    a Barnes 125 XPB load and
    a Frangible SoftShot 90 FP


    However, years ago I ordered from them...called them after about six weeks and was told they hadn't run a batch yet...and then never heard from them again. Soo, we will see! If all goes in a stellar fashion, I will have the list up to 124!!
  6. Left a message though IQMetals contact and they actually called me today. They wanted to clear up the confusion so I explained to them as above. They didn't realize the picture was wrong so took it down from the site. However they did say that this was not the 124g plated flat point OR the hollow points but 125gr TMJ (speer?) They were very nice to deal with! I had them ship it to me!
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  7. Well...dagnabit....truer words may never have been spoken!! Perusing the great ammo store that is the internet, I have come up with a few more loads:
    Grizzly Cartridge Company loadings in 147g JHP, 124g FMJ-FP and 125g JHP ( I have a previous incarnation - 124g JHP)
    all as seen here.
    And...they are on the way! The list continues to climb.
    Just got an e-mail from Good To Go Ammo. They are backlogged three to four weeks :crying: Funny though...their site says it is In Stock:dunno:
  8. Well here is an update:
    1.) Got another call from IQmetal - they couldn't find this (mythical?) box of Hunting Shack 125g TMJ - so they sent me a 50 round box of CCI Speer - GDHP's. So, nothing to add to the list but I got a good deal on a box of Speer GD's! Thanks to IQmetal for good customer service.
    2.) No word from Good to Go Ammo on the Barnes TAC-XP.
    3.) No word from Custom Cartridge on the two loads I ordered from them.
    4.) Grizzly Cartridge site says they have shipped my order but no tracking number.

    So we shall see. I may be chasing "vaporware" at this point....
  9. List on page 1 updated to read:

    54.) Grizzly Cartridge Company - 124g - FMJ-FP
    55.) Grizzly Cartridge Company - 147g - JHP

    The 125g JHP load was actually the same 124g load that I already own - it is apparently a misprint on the website.
    Here is a (poor) photo of the family:


    The list is now at 122! We will see what happens with the others.....
  10. List on page 1 updated to read:

    52.) Good To Go Ammunition - 125g - Barnes TAC-XP

    The list now stands at 123!


    No word from Custom Cartridge....this is my second time around on this merry-go-round with them...
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  11. Well, A LOT has happened since my last post on this thread :faint: -- BUT, in the midst of it all, I have another load on the way!!
    It is a 125g - JHP load From Dead Zero Ammunition as seen here Outdated link

    and/or here Outdated link =(

    I spoke with the gentleman on the phone - he is a super nice guy and of course is Swamped like soo many these days. He shoots this round himself - After converting a Beretta 96, he never went back to .40
    I will add it to the list, of course....when I get my hot little hands on it. It will be #124!!!!
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  12. List on page 1 updated to read:

    22.) Dead Zero Ammunition - 125g - XTP


    The list now totals 124!!
  13. happy thousandth post and WOW...load 125...

  14. Thank You sir! Not a big poster - as you can see, it took me 12 years to get here! Never thought the list would be such an on-going project. When I bought my first pistol chambered in 357 Sig in 1999, there were only about 8 loads (that I knew of). Of course, most said the 357 Sig would never last, but I will probably be adding to the list next year when we celebrate the 20th year of the 357 Sig!!
    At this point though, I only know of about two -possibly- three more out there!
  15. Poohgyrr

    Poohgyrr trout fear me!

    I wish I had discovered this round sooner. An amazing round. Thanks for this thread.
  16. well...there are many of us who really appreciate the effort!

    I recently traded my nephew my SiG Pro SP2340 in 357 SiG along with a perfect P225 for his P226 SCT in .40 S&W...of course, I immediately replaced the barrel with a new P226 in 357 SiG...I need to get more trigger time on it...


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  17. Well, since my last post, I have come across some interesting leads! One is a "new old stock " situation with a loading that is not made any more - one is a "exotic" round - and another is a custom ammo place that I have just never stumbled upon before. ( DANG!!) Because of all the current craziness, who knows when OR IF I will be able to lay my hands on these. Anyway, there are maybe now five to six loads to pursue!!
  18. Another load on the way! This one from the "custom ammo place" I mentioned above. It is a 125g FMJ load from Precision One Ammo - a group down in South Carolina. Their Web-site is here:


    but is is down temporarily due to the current craziness!!
    This will probably get here before the Load-X order.
    The "new old stock" item mentioned above is probably gonna be outta my reach - it is on auction and getting a little rich for my blood...
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  19. List on page 1 updated to read:

    91.) Precision One Ammunition - 125g - FMJ

    And that brings the list to 125!!


    A couple of bummer things to report.
    1.) I was NOT able to get the "new old stock" stuff. It was Firefrangible ammunition from Precision Ammunition as seen here:
    2.) I found out that Atlanta Arms and Ammo no longer loads the 357Sig - BUMMER, as I really liked their stuff! Anyway, they got the dreaded **. I also removed their link and replaced them with Dead Zero Ammunition.
    3.) When I buy ammo, the first box always goes thru my P229. Then I save the empty box and the rest is up for grabs for my other 357sig pistols. Well, somewhere along the line I mistook a box of CCI Speer Lawman Cleanfire for a regular box of Lawman - shot it up and threw the box away! And in these crazy days, it is hard to replace.
    Well, Load-X is on its way to me now so expect another update soon!!
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