Speer Gold Dot vs. Double Tap

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  1. Thanks to a heads up from sic_semper_tyrannis, I have another load coming! The Federal LE Tactical Bonded. This will nudge the list up to 109!

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  2. List on page 1 updated to read:

    42.) Federal - 125g - THP (Tactical HP - bonded)

    List now at 109! Working on 110....

  3. Next load on the way! A Buffalo Bore Ammunition 125 Grain Barnes TAC-XP Jacketed Hollow Point Low Flash Lead-Free.... as seen here....Midway

    Put in a call to K.C.Precision Ballistics, a custom ammo place, but have not heard back. Apparently, these custom places (like Load-X and Custom Cartridge which I attempted previously) like to list the 357 sig but not produce them...huh...hmm:dunno:
  4. They wanna look cool, just can't handle the lightning :)
  5. List on page 1 updated to read:

    6.) Buffalo Bore - 125g - Barnes TAC-XP

    That is 110!! And that will be it for now barring surprises...
  6. 111 is my favorite number - ever since I was a crew chief on F-111s. Well the list will reach 111 soon with the addition of RBCD 60g TFSP (total fragmenting soft point) as seen here. This ammo seems quite controversial but I will not be carrying it...just T&E. Will add it to the list when it gets in my hot little hands!!
  7. List on page 1 updated to read:

    83.) RBCD - 60g - TFSP (total fragmenting soft point)

    111 on the list!!!! :usaf:
  8. Well, as much as I like the number 111 - and thought I would be stuck on that number for quite some time - I just put in an order for another load. This one is Load-X ammo as seen here Ventura Munitions. I put an order in directly to Load-X once and never heard from them. Maybe its because they wanted a five box minimum order per load as requested on this web site?? I would like to get all the loads listed but I will have three kids in college this fall and am feeling the crunch. I ordered the FMJ load and will hopefully get the rest later...
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  9. List on page 1 updated to read:

    64.) Load-X - 124g - TMJ

    I was hoping for boxes...these came in sealed plastic bags - but hey! nothing like the UPS man bringing fresh ammo:cool:

    List on page 1 now up to 112!!
  10. Thanks to a tip from theAlgorithmist, I have another load on the way!! This one a 124g FMJ load from Good to Go Ammo as seen here - This will bring the list to 113. I also emailed the folks at Pierce Outfitters to check on Sig ammo as Pierce lists some loads but the Oufitters' don't have any listed. They replied that they "are currently back-ordered on the SIGS" --Well, I'll keep checking...
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  11. List on page 1 updated to read:

    51.) Good To Go Ammunition - 124g - FMJ

    This load came in bags also.....

    List on page 1 now up to 113!!

  12. The hits keep 'a' coming!! Another load on the way - from SBR (which I never realized before stands for Southern Ballistic Research). This one is a 147g FMJ load as seen here The list will reach 114...:wow:
  13. Another load on the way from Webb's Brass Assets!!!
    The SBR load has not arrived yet but IS on the way. When the Webb's Brass Assets load shows, The list will be at 115. This is nowhere near the end of the line either. There are some other Load-X loads available... there are some Northwest Custom Projectile loads (what use to be Buchanan Ammunition) and the theAlgorithmist is hinting at another Good To Go Ammunition load coming. And, Webb's Brass Assets website says they will whip up a batch of HP loads if you order 500 rounds..
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  14. List on page 1 updated to read:

    96.) SBR - 147g - TCJ (Southern Ballistics Research)

    The list now stands at 114.
    147gr loadings seem to be trending with me now. I just shot the Sillman Cartridge Company offering, just received the SBR AND recently discovered that Parabellum Research will be offering several loads in 147gr. I have always liked and had good luck with PBR so am looking forward to the new loadings ( and the list will surge!)
  15. List on page 1 updated to read:

    108.) Webb's Brass Assets - 124g - FP


    Yes... Bagged goodies! I WANT SOME RANGE TIME!

    List now at 115!!
  16. Four more loads coming from PBR seen here Parabellum Research. These will be the 147gr loadings in FMJ and JHP in both their value line and premium line! I have really liked their 125g loadings - good practice ammo at a good price! The list will shoot up to 119. Am also working on the Good to Go Barnes-X loading which will round it out to 120!!
  17. I just noticed something on the Underwood Ammo website. Their original 357 sig load was listed as a 124 gr hollow point load. This is the one I bought several hundred rounds of back when they only sold on Gunbroker. It went for about $16 per 50 and I considered it more of a practice load even though it was a hollow point. I just shot the last box yesterday though my M&Pc. Then they came out with their 125g Gold Dot Hollow Point load which they now list as 125 Grain Bonded Jacketed Hollow Point (about $28) per box.
    Now they list the Gold Dot load and a 125 Grain Bonded Full Metal Jacket load. How long has this been out? I need to order some!!
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  18. Ok.... I dug into my stash and found I still had two boxes of the old hollow point loads. Don't know what the bullet is - it is a wide, deep hollow point and smooth - no creases separating petals (if it looks like that, it's a trick of the lighting). Notice the old style label on the box before they went to the (what I call Underdog) U


    The old box versus the new box (with the Gold Dot HP's)

  19. List on page 1 updated to read:

    107.) Underwood Ammunition - 125g - BFMJ


    List now at 116!

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