Speer Gold Dot vs. Double Tap

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  1. cookand

    cookand War Eagle!!

    Gotcha. Probably a fairly common handle from guys in your neck of the woods.:cool:

    Feel for you fans/alums. Can't imagine going through what you guys have.

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  2. Yeh - the whole thing was shocking and sad. Amazing the damage one man(Sandusky) can inflict - and an hierarchy that thinks they are too big to fail. Also sad that the only one in the chain cleared of wrong-doing was hung out to dry because he was the Face of PSU.
    No more from me...don't want to side track the thread (well...anymore than I have)
    Long live the memory of Joe - RIP !!

  3. Another load coming (I hope) - M&M reloads from NH. Don't ask how I find these loads:faint:
    Really I am scraping to find anything else. I will try Atlantic Arms and Ammo soon but after that...not too much. I never ever heard back from Load-X or Custom Cartridge. At this point, maybe only one other lead... Now wanting some time and nice weather - have only shot 70 of these loads!
  4. List on page 1 updated to read:

    56.) M & M Reloads - 124g - CPFP

    That puts the list at 102. I have another load coming also...details to follow...
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  5. Yet another load coming!! (NOT the 'nother load mentioned above) This one coming from Atlanta Arms and Ammo!
    And after this... I am gonna have to take my foot off the accelerator for a while (work some OT...get a second job...)
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  6. Thanks for doing this, NitLion. As fun as it sounds, it takes time and $$ and despite what some may think, the latter does not magically appear out of nowhere :)
  7. List on page 1 updated to read:

    2.) Atlanta Arms & Ammo - 124g - FP TCJ (RL)

    These folks were sure fast and efficient getting the order out!
    The list now stands at 103 with one more load coming....

    RMD - you're welcome! I guess I could have gone the easy route and just listed stuff I've seen on the web. But, I have on many occasions seen things listed, and then put in an order only to be told that it is zero balance...back-ordered etc. Then later I am re-funded and the item never appears for sale again. So I guess just like there is "vaporware", there is "vapor ammo". If I have it in my hands and someone questions it...well at least I know better. :cool:
    Also I hope the links help other folks who want to try some different stuff!!
    Eventually, I would like to get some nice "group" pictures to post of the boxes....
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  8. Some slight modifications to the list.....

    took the ** away from

    10.) Collins Cartridge Comp. - 125g - FMJ (RL)

    as they apparently are making again as seen here:


    Also sadly had to add ** to the PMC products:

    **68.) PMC - 124g - FMJ
    **69.) PMC Starfire - 125g - JHP

    Also have been seeing a lot of

    **82.) Remington Gold Sabre - 125g - BJHP

    for instance:

    but it's not listed on their website....not sure whether to take that off the inactive list?
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  10. Add another load to the ever expanding .357 SIG:

    Double Tap 357 Sig 180gr. WFNGC Hardcast

    Bullet : 180gr. Wide Flat Nose Gas Check Hardcast
  11. Thanks for the lead!!!
    I only add to the list when I have ordered and received the loading.... Its the "in my hot little hands rule". I will get it in the works though. This will be the heaviest load on the list surpassing Federal's 150g load from years ago....
    Actually, when I first read it, I thought "This must be a misprint - they mean 357 Magnum"!....which has happened before with some sites...which is one reason I have the imhlh's rule!
  12. If we are talking the 180 gr. Hardcast from DT.
    It will be the next load from Mike on my list.

    I've read where a Trooper killed a Black Bear with his issued .357 Glock 31.
    SPEER 125 gr. Gold Dot no doubt.

    So this new DT load would be the one to take into the pine needles for the .357 SIG
    owner, over the 125 Match or 147 Flat Point that is.

    More info.

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  13. Two more on the way! Now guess which? :whistling: Yes...one is the DoubleTap 180g WFNGC load and the other is the DoubleTap 115 grain Nosler load ( which somehow got under my radar).
    DoubleTap now has the most extensive offering followed by Winchester and then Reeds's Ammo & Research and Federal.......
  14. yes, those a good choices.

    I've not had a chance to shoot the Nosler load quite yet.
    I'm sure it will recoil much like the 115 gr. TAC-XP, but you never know.

    I've shot the 180 and 155 gr. DT Noslers on .40 S&W out of a CZ.
    Seemed hot as Hades, and really had some flip to it.

    As for .357 SIG..
    I'm still intrigued about the new 180 gr. load and see that some others are as well.


  15. List on page 1 updated to read:

    27.) DoubleTap - 115g - Nosler JHP
    28.) DoubleTap - 180g - WFNGC hardcast

    List now at 106!!!


    love the photos!!
  16. Re-visited this thread and realized there is another load to get. What confused me was that my box said 23918. After some research, I found that 23918 is the same load as 53918 with the 2 at the beginning designating a 20 round box and the 5 designating a 50 round box ( notice the rest of the numbers are the same) Big DUH! for me for being soo thick. Anyway, what I need and what I ordered was the LE load 54234. I will change the list on page one to reflect (lumping 23918 and 53918 together). Also ordered the Lawman cleanfire ammo which is explained on the ammunitiontogo site like this:
    This will bring the list up to 108....
  17. 54234 is what all us cool people carry :)
  18. List on page 1 updated to read:

    10.) CCI Speer LE Gold Dot - 125g - GDHP (54234)
    11.) CCI Speer Lawmen - 125g - TMJCF (clean-fire)

    List now at 108!!

    My teenage daughters will be glad to hear I have entered the cool club..... well, they actually may be a little bit skeptical.....:whistling:
  19. One day, they're recognize :)
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