Speed Sights?? Thoughts and opinions

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  1. I'd wanted to buy a set also, a couple of months ago. But I had the same problem with getting a hold of anyone.

    FWIW, Bob45acp is no longer a dealer-- he mentioned this in one of his recent podcasts. Can't remember which epidose.

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  2. Sounds and looks more than a bit fly-by-nightish. Too bad. I was ready to finally buy some night sights.


  3. Anyone have any updates or recent field tests on these sights? Are they still around?!?
  4. Bob45acp

    Bob45acp HandgunWorld

    They are good sights. I have 3 sets and I really like them. Had them several months. The only problem is that they are a very small company and have a difficult time
    keeping up with demand and fulfilling orders and giving customer service after the sale.

    As a result, I will be putting Trijicon HD's on my newest Glock. I sell them and the Ameriglo I dot Pro (just ordered a set for my Shield) on my website, through Amazon. I think the trijicon's basically accomplish the same thing. Here's a link to my site if you're interested. http://www.handgunworld.com/my-edc-items/
  5. i had a set for my g30....i liked them..used them for about 500 rounds... but i removed them prior to the sale of the gun as the buyer wanted other sights installed....i still have the sights that i've been intending to sell, but i haven't gotten around to posting it anywhere :whistling:
  6. Hey all, just checked their website and there is a production update, says available on Feb 8th.

    I'm gonna give these a try, my biggest thing is I have trouble seeing night sights during the day with my 56 year old eyes.

    Seems like these might just be the best of both worlds, at least I hope.
  7. looking to buy another set of these diamond sights,no doubt they really work for tired eyes day or night and really light up in the dark, i occasionally check the web site for stock availability,its a hit and miss on stock,no pun intended:embarassed:
  8. Paul53

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    Web site seems to be always wrong. Send an email with "customer service" in the subject line, or try the phone a few times. He's hard to reach, but great to deal with once you get his attention.

    Got them on my Gen 4 19 and love them. Let a recently retired Army seargent try my gun. He was ecstatic with how fast he could be on target, and get back on target after each shot. He contacted the manufacturer and was told it would be several weeks before they were available for his Sig. He's really bummed out waiting.
  9. Any updates? I was about to order sights for my G19 and saw this thread. Hold everything. I'm intrigued. Great concept. Are they as good as I think they are?
  10. I have 2 sets of diamond sights on my G30 and G19 looking to add another set on my G21 and the tritium night sights are excellent
  11. Did you install yourself? Saw a YouTube video and the front sight seemed a little big for the Glock mounting hole. Also was wondering if the MGW Rear Sight Tool works well with the Spped Sights for installing.
  12. I installed them myself,a rear installation tool ceartainly would be easier,i lightly oiled rear sight and tapped in with a protected punch and used blue loctite to finish,a glock front sight tool is also needed,some light honeing on rear sight dovetail maybe needed,rear sight should start easy then snug entering center,i have had them on my Glocks over a year now without any problems,this was no problem for me i also do trigger work and other mods to my firearms with precision results.hope this helps
  13. Be sure to give correct Glock model and gen when ordering and all else will be great
  14. Thanks a lot. Will order when I can find in stock.
  15. I installed mine with an MGW rear sight pusher, no issues there. It pushes them just fine.
  16. did you use the slanted (glock rear sight) pusher or the vertical? MGW has 2 different pushers for Glocks
  17. Sorry so long for an answer, haven't been on since you sent it. My pusher is slanted not straight.

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