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Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by Cochese, Aug 21, 2012.

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    man that'd be awesome to be issued armor, mine, along with the majority of officers at our dept purchased ours out of pocket

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    1. The JBT's

    I'm relegated to buying stuff at the mall ninja store since my department issues the initial duty belt, G22 and bare accessories. Nothing more.

    Mjkeat, one of our members here was involved in a 15-30 minute firefight on a city street next to a university against an adversary armed with a 7.62 scoped rifle who had already killed a cop and citizen prior to his arrival and prior to his taking shrapnel himself.

    From what I know they either shot up or damn near shot up all the ammo on hand before they killed the BG.

    It ain't A-stan but it still sucks.

  3. Just to be perfectly honest here, not all of our guys get issued armor. Mostly it is based on need. Of course all of our SWAT guys get it, but also gang guys, fugitive detail guys- mostly officers who do a lot of high risk entries and such. A good portion of officers do end up purchasing their own armor. I consider myself lucky to have gotten one and don't ever take it for granted.
  4. I think it would suck even more.

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    1. The JBT's

    Both have pluses and minuses for sure.
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    Was that Norco, SAR?

    (I was 11 y/o)...ha ha...

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  8. Yes. I'm surprised you remembered. I was working for a police agency in Riverside County at the time. Had just cleared the station for the swing shift and was standing in the parking lot of Winchell's Donuts-- haha, go figure, when we got an all units message to respond back to the station immediately. Didn't know what it was all about because something like that never happened before. We were all told to go into the roll call room. An ashen faced watch commander then announced that a bank robbery had happened in Norco. There were known to be shots fired and that contact had been lost with numerous officers, and they were presumed dead or seriously injured. The watch commander told us to mount up with all the ammunition we could muster up. Some of the guys retrieved rifles. We loaded up our trunks and went out. In this pursuit, and apprehension, one deputy (James Evans) was killed, and nine officers were seriously injured. Thirty police vehicles were damaged, and one helicopter (SBSO 40-King) was shot down. Thousands of rounds or fire were exchanged. Didn't get home until a day a half later.

    I later went to Riverside Sheriff's Deputy James Evan's funeral. It was the first one I had ever been to in my career. I would go on to work with about half a dozen guys who were injured or were in the thick of this incident. We'd rarely talk about it, though. Most if not all of the guys eventually retired. I was probably one of the youngest with barely a few months on the job. I later transferred to a larger agency out West, but never forgot what happaned that day. This incident, more than any other probably changed the way I think to this day about personal preparation.
  9. I'd rather have it and not need it....

    Id love to be able to patrol with a LBV with 3-5 extra rifle mags and 3-5 extra pistol mags. I could take some weight off my belt too. It really only takes one time to need what you don't have to realize you need it. I could go the rest of my career and never fire my firearm or I could god forbid get into a shoot out tonight.

    Of course the powers that be think I'd scare the criminals with that kind of gear.
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  10. I was born/raised in Manhattan Beach, but I have a cousin that was with RSO (ret.) and later went on to work at the contract Moreno Valley Police Department. I don't think he was working at the time of the incident but I recall the when it happened.

    Fast forward (too many) years and I'm working for a city of about 8.000 surrounded by corn fields and farms. Many colleagues figure it will "never happen" here. I've spent oodles of my own cash for additional ammo and pistol magazines for a department-owned gun that I don't even like. I carry duty ammo in personally-owned rifle magazines for their gun too.

    Nothing special in my kit. Three pistol magazines, two, 20-rd. P-Mags, a bottle of water, ear plugs, safety glasses, CR123 batteries and a spare pair of patrol gloves in a cheap Harbor Freight Tools canvas tote bag that's clipped to my patrol bag with a carabiner. Vest in the trunk, provided by the department (one-size fits all, right?).
  11. That's some serious street creds sir.

    Me, I carry 12 mags because I worry about something just like this kinda thing. Only in my area, it's going to be just me and a few other guys (if I'm lucky) to deal with it.

    Aaaand, inevitably it will happen, and the joker with me will only have his 90 rounds with him, and need some of mine too.

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    I use one of the rubbermaid 8gal actionpacker totes to haul my stuff from office to car. If you don't have the convenience of a secure office you could toss it in your POV after shift.

    I use mine to hold a plate carrier, a chest rig, extra ammo, water, anything that doesn't fit in my patrol bag. I share a car too and found this to be the easiest way to lug my junk around w/o leaving it in the car for others to pilfer. Theres even a spot on each handle for a padlock if you have some real problem coworkers that need that extra bit to keep them out.

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  13. That is nice! Who makes that one? I can't quite make out the logo.

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    Hey Cheesy, I've got your solution right here! I've been looking for a violin case for a long time that would fit this but haven't had any luck. Tonight I ran across this gem at the music store with my kids. Heavily padded (I'll probably cut a piece of foam for fit) and a nice pouch on the outside for mags :)

    "Sir? What's this? Oh, just my rig for playing songs with the hippies in the park on my break. Great for community relations sir."


  16. Someones been watching Desperado too much lol
  17. GumbyDammit

    GumbyDammit Xtra CoCheese

    I really wanted a Thompson in a violin case, but this will do. :)
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    Wouldn't that be really easy to make on your own? All you need is a drop leg molle panel and 3 tacos from hsgi, although I would get rid of the pistol spots and replace with double ar tacos

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