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SP101 "Kit" Gun

Discussion in 'Ruger Club' started by Wet Dog, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. From the Ruger Website:
    For the third time this year (it would be more if I had more money...) Ruger has introduced a gun that I HAD to have... Got the call from my local Gun monger that he had one and it had my name on it...

    Sure enough it followed me home and these are my first impressions.

    -The size is perfect. Big enough for the 357 cartridge yet not bulky. It feels light in the hand and points naturally for me.

    -It is more hansom in than the pictures portray. The grip panels really look nice and have me pondering getting a set of my other SP101.

    -No doubt this would make a find trail - woods loafing - kit gun. Lightweight yet robust, time tested and reliable.

    -I'm not usually a fan of fiber optic sights but I like this one. It is easy to see without being too coarse and there is still enough post around it for me to easily align the sights the way I'm most accustomed. The rear sight is easily adjustable.

    -Chambered in perhaps the most versatile pistol caliber greatly enhances the usefulness of this revolver. For economy, variety, accuracy, potency (357), ease of reloading ... you really can't beat a 38/357.

    -With the barrel length over 4" it is a legal hunting firearm in my state.

    -I think it is small enough for a CCW too. I'll have to see what holsters are available.

    First impressions at the range:
    -At 7 yards the as shipped sight setting was slightly left. One click with on the adjustment screw to the right and I was shooting POA = POI with 38 spl.

    -The 38 spl. load I had on hand averaged 765 fps for a 158 gr LEE RNFP cast bullet. It was also very accurate. In my 2.25" SP101 this load averages 690 fps.
    38 spl. five shots, 7 yards offhand single action

    -The same Lee bullet in a 357 case charged with Bullseye averaged 1115 fps (very consistent too) and printed slightly higher than the 38 special loads at 7 yards. In my 2.25" Ruger SP101 this load averages just under 1100 fps. Perhaps the longer barrel would benefit from a slightly slower powder. The accuracy was very promising but I didn't have enough of them to shoot targets away from the chronograph.

    Having already owned, shot and carried a 2.25" SP101 in the same caliber my expectations were high and Ruger has once again exceeded them.

    This another good candidate for the 3P (Perfect Packing Pistol) and the if "I could only have one" campfire ponderings with the understanding that it isn't about finding the 3P, it's the pursuit of it.

    In the coming weeks and months I will be testing a variety of loads and bullets in this gun. I have some 158 gr Hornady XTP bullets that will get teamed up with some Lil'gun and a few other powders I have around here. There are also a variety of cast bullets I'll be sending down range too.

    The future looks bright.
  2. Chup


    Feb 11, 2008
    N. Ohio
    Thanks for the report. I have the 2" DAO SP101 and carry it daily. I hope Ruger offers the Grip Inserts for sale. I would order a set. I like Ruger Firearms and also carry a LCR357 as back up to the SP.

  3. Ak.Hiker


    Feb 8, 2005
    Homer Alaska
    It would be interesting to see how it runs loaded with 180 grain cast bullets.
  4. I will have to see if I can locate some to try. My 357 molds are all in the 158 grain range.
  5. I picked up one of these today. Love it so far. Put 50 rounds of American eagle 38's through it and
    just 5 rounds of gold dot 357s, but i'm loving it so far. You definitely won't fail to notice the magnums in it, but they are not really uncomfortable at all.

    Finding a holster has been a chore, I think Simply Rugged will be the only option. I'm also considering getting a bigger wood grip to try out, both to fill my hand better, and just because I've always wanted a quality wood grip on a revolver.

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