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Some questions about FL. Tampa Area

Discussion in 'Florida Glockers Club' started by ZGlock #427, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. To make a long story short, opportunity may be coming up, and I could be moving down to that area. My fiance' and I, and small dog. No kids.

    I have a bunch of questions, but ill start with these...

    1. Could I get away with just a bike (motorcycle) for my main mode of transportation? I had a bike a few years ago, sold it and miss it. Keep in mind my fiance' has a Maxima, so wed have a car in the house.


    2. What are some reasonable rents in decent neigborhoods?

  2. If you have to live in Tampa I have no advice. You will need a car because we get rain here every single freaking day in the summer. Guaranteed.

    If you are willing to commute a small distance, I highly recommend living in St. Petersburg. It is a very suburban area with nice houses and great shopping. Very relaxed and there is a great gun range that even sells it's own reloads to shooters.

    There is a bus system that can take you from St. Pete to Tampa. I moved out of St. Pete 4 years ago to school in Orlando but I miss it so very much.

    Are you looking for a house or an apartment? Either way, you will have absolutely zero problems finding what you are looking for. We have houses that range from 10 million on the water to 45,000 in a grungy neighborhood and everything in between. Renting wise, if you want like a 1 bedroom, probably 300-1500 a month depending on bedrooms and location... Again, you could be anywhere from a fantastic condo/apartment on the water, to a grungy place in the Tampa ghetto.

  3. South Fla

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    Oct 10, 2006
    In Tampa, stay away from the USF area.

    In St. Petersburg, stay north of 4th Ave North and west of 34th Street North.

    Avoid at all costs south and east of those two locations.
  4. Going East of 34th Street N. is fine so long as you are north of 54th Ave N.

    I highly recommend that area. I assume you'll be working in Tampa and that area of St. Pete is easy to commute from too.
  5. staticfiend


    Nov 1, 2007
    Avoid St Pete all together. I cant believe you people are suggesting St Pete. That is our Miami. Filled with crime and filth. There are so many nice suburbs around Tampa like Wesley Chapel, Lutz, Citrus Park, Carrollwood. You should really visit and find an area you like. Tampa is a really nice place to live. Been here a year after doing 6 years in Fort Lauderdale. The winter here is awesome.
  6. My ex lived around the Temple Terrace area when she was going to school at USF and it was kind of dumpy. Some areas had nice looking neighborhoods/apartment complexes on one side of the road and crappy looking places on the other.

    My aunt and uncle have lived in the Land 'O Lakes area just north of Tampa proper for about 15 years after leaving the Tampa area and love it. It's a pretty nice area with good neighborhoods and lots of lakes. Not too far, maybe 20-30 minute commute from downtown Tampa. My cousin lived at home during college at USF and never had a problem commuting. Good luck. :wavey:

    PS- Like it was said, I wouldn't rely on a bike for my only form of transportation from about March-October due to the rain.
  7. You've only been living there a year... I've been living there for 19 years. St. Pete is a fine city to live in with a lower crime rate than Tampa.
  8. Belzelbub


    Apr 10, 2007
    Possibly. Though we've been in a drought recently, rain is normally a frequent occurrence. Be prepared to get wet.

    Also, it depends on what your normal route would be. The place is crawling with bad drivers. See above rain comment. Even though it rains frequently, that doesn't mean that people know how to drive in rain.

    Can't help you with the rent question. Haven't looked into renting in 15 years or so.
  9. UncleLuke

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    Jan 17, 2008
    Clearwater, FL
    I have lived in Pinellas & Hillborough Counties my whole life. Great advise in this thread so far! I say no on the bike, traffic, weather, idiots on the road, keep it for the burbs. St Pete and Tampa both have nice areas and ghettos, I say pic a place close to work to stay, like 10 mins away because of traffic. I love it here!
  10. Clearwater is also a very nice area from my experience. I hate Clearwater beach just because it is so loaded up with tourists but the rest of Clearwater seems fine...I'd rather go to Ft. Desoto beach for the privacy. I would highly recommend Clearwater if you wouldn't mind a long commute to Tampa.
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  11. I would highly recommend Clearwater if you wouldn't mind a long commute to Tampa.[/quote]

    I am a snowbird from New York to Clearwater. I absolutely love the clearwater,

    I would recomend before you commit to moving you some how find away to spend a week in the area during the summer. Its nothing like the weather we have in the north east. Its unbearable. Anytime I am there in the summer I go from the car to the house in the A/C

    Great place to be ,But me personally would never last in the summer there

    Also as for a bike. I would not suggest one as it raines almost ever summer day.and there seams to be a ton of Senior citazens on the road

    Best of luck

    The biggest gun store I ever went to was in Tampa
  12. bchandler


    Sep 8, 2006
    Dallas, TX
    I'm from Orlando (about an hour to the east), so my advice may not wholly apply, but I would not want a bike as my sole means of transport. Traffic is terrible in both Tampa and Orlando, there are lots of older drivers that make mistakes, it rains daily in the current season, and is too hot and humid to sit in traffic exposed most of the rest of the year, especially with gear on. There are a few great months for riding, however, around Feb-April. But keep it as a hobby unless you live 5 minutes from work and can take back roads :)
  13. Yep. When ever I travel somewhere like New Mexico or Arizona it's actually quite refreshing. The temps there may hit 120 F but I would take that over 100 F with 99% humidity. Everyone here basically lives in their air conditioned car or air conditioned office or air conditioned house.

    BEANCOUNTER Millennium Member

    Dec 21, 1999
    This might give you a start -

    As other posters have pointed out, driving around here is no fun. You might like living close to where you work, especially if you want to ride a motorcycle. (But keep in mind my mother-in-law is 89, sees double, and still has a valid drivers license. :scared: No, we don't let her use it, but she has it.)
  15. Whiskey Six

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    Jul 25, 2007
    My girlfriend's best friend lives in Madeira Beach. My GF loves it there and would love to move there. I KNOW I could not stand the humidity. Just sayin.
  16. Powder


    Aug 26, 2003
    Tampa, FL

    You pansies.:supergrin:

    I worked outside all day the past 2 summers and you really do get accustomed to it. Just drink lots of water and don't kill yourself. Also LOTS of sunscreen.
  17. johnd


    May 17, 2000
    Some interesting comments and suggestions here but you specified no particular place so thats pretty tough to comment on or recommend anything specific....the "Tampa St Pete area" is a HUGE sprawling megalopolis...."St Pete" ( center of downtown definition) is < 20 Miles from "Tampa" ( center) across a number of bridges...Tampa is then another 20 -30 miles the other way to its "suburbs" fact the entire State with few exceptions is a gigantic suburb.
    St Pete is in a completely different county to that of Tampa.
    Yes there are some nasty places in St Pete area just as there are some equally nasty places in the Tampa area.
    Yes there are some stunningly beautiful, genteel and safe places in each location and so on and so forth.

    Suffice to say that we have lived here for more than 20 years....we have also moved away a few times but always kept the home in Clearwater and always came back to it. But thats just us.
    Tell us all what area you are thinking about moving to and maybe you can get some better suggestions
  18. Very good post...not sure why I never mentioned that either. The Tampa Bay Area is easily larger than Orlando or Miami in terms of size. There are great areas and terrible all over.
  19. I lived in Brandon for 15 years. We enjoyed living there. Traffic on SR 60 can be frustrating at times though. Good shopping, lots of restaurants, 16 minutes from the Ice the Palace (ST Pete Times Forum if you will) and hockey and 15 minuted from Downtown Tampa.
  20. Sgt. Schultz

    Sgt. Schultz Annoying Member

    It's been since the early 80's since I lived in the Tampa area so I don't know if this is still a problem, but the biggest issue I had with riding a motorcycle were the "love bug" swarms that could be thicker then fog at times.