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Some Help Here Please

Discussion in 'Michigan Glockers' started by medictg, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. I am not sure if this is PC or anything like that, but sometimes you have to do the right thing.
    I work for the Detroit Fire Department EMS Division. On January 6, 2007 we had a paramedic shot in the line of duty. The crew was returning to their quarters after a run. When they got inside (it is a standalone station, only company in the station), there was a man inside wearing all black with a ski mask on. He produced a gun and demanded their money. The crew complied and he shot one on the Medics in the arm. The shot severed his brachial artery. It looks like he has about a 60% chance of keeping his arm. His partner wrapped him up and ran him to Grace Hospital, saving his life. The dirtbag is still at large, bo arrests made at this point.

    I am asking if you could fit in your evening communication to whatever diety you choose, a prayer and good thought for my brother medic. Also, there is a reward fund set up to get this piece of crap off the streets. It is as follows:

    The Alliance for a Safer Greater Detroit
    10900 Harper Avenue
    Detroit, MI 48213

    Please include the phrase "Paramedic Cory Candy" on the memo section if you should feel the need to help out.

    Thank you in advance for anything you can give, especially a good thought and prayer....

  2. It's a sad day when the person that would save that very dirt bags life becomes his target...

    Good luck and prayers to Cory...

  3. Michigantrainer


    Apr 20, 2005
    prayers sent.......

    when i was in that AO

    i knew several Detroit medics that carried guns..........
  4. centennial


    Jun 9, 2004
    Just curious.
    What is "The Alliance for a Safer Greater Detroit"?
  5. It is the group that puts the rewards up behind the 1-800-speak-up program. The money donated is given to people providing information leading to the arrest of perpetrators of high profile crimes. We have placed flyers all around the area and in all the District PD station, fire stations and hospitals.
  6. One issue down there was that many people that wanted to work were afraid to come out of their homes to go to work...

    My sister ran a employement business where she would have bus's pick up employees and take them to work and then take them home... She stepped over more than one body going to work in the morning...
  7. Absolutely. Things in the city are pitiful and getting worse by the day. We are on a new radio system and the news cant scan it and listen in anymore. We are running multiple shotings every night than no one knows about. MAYBE (and I'm being quite liberal here) 5% of the shootings actually make any kind of media coverage. Our guy made one 15 second news blurb on one newscast.