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Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by captainstormy, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. So I finally got out to the range with my AK this weekend. It's just a WASR, but it's actually a pretty nice one. Not a bit of mag wobble, straight sites and the gas block is good too.

    I've always used FMJ ammo in the past and I've literally never had an issue with it. With ammo being hard to find lately I did buy some soft points I normally wouldn't have for $5 a box from wal-mart.

    I went through 12 magazines on Saturday. 8 of them were FMJ, 4 were soft points. I had 9 fail to feeds on the soft points (I know these mags aren't the problem) and perfect function with the FMJ.

    Other than the obvious, only use FMJ ammo does anyone have any idea what I may be able to do to address the problem. I suppose one could polish the feed ramp, but I'm not sure that would help really. It looked like the tip of the bullets was getting caught on the edge where the tip of the FMJ wouldn't even hit because it was pointer.

    Anyone else had issues with SP ammo?

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  2. The SP is hitting getting caught up on the lip of the bullet guide?

    I have heard of other people having issues feeding SP, but I have never personally had an issue. If I had to blindly venture a guess without actually seeing it I would say that maybe your mag is sitting a little low.

  3. It's possible, I'm not really sure how one would even check for that.

    I've given this thing probably 3-4K rounds of FMJ ammo without a single issue so I'm not really that concerned about it. Just thought it was odd.
  4. Take off the dust cover and manually cycle a round or two, should give you an idea of what is happening.
  5. Thanks, I'll have to dig up some more soft points but I'll do that when I get a chance. the HP ammo was also fine, seems to only happen with soft points.
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    WASR's seem to be hit and miss with soft point ammo, your not the first to have this issue, My Polish underfolder eats up and spits out soft points, I'll never go back to a WASR...
  7. Getting a higher quality AK is defiantly on my to do list whenever I have the money and the panic pricing is gone.

    I will say though that I've got friends with non WASR AKs (Yugos, saigas, Mak90s, etc etc) None of them are any more accurate than my WASR (In their defense, I am a better marksman then my friends) and have had their share of other problems.

    I would like to get myself a really nice underfolder though.
  8. Dalton Wayne

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    Underfolders are where it's at, for me anyway, they fit well in the trunk, they are great as a brush gun on hog hunts, and the 7.62x39 soft point will drop a hog in it's tracks, ask me how I know, got two in November both running shots one shot one kill on each of them, they both ran at the same time I dropped the first on swung around and dropped the second one, my guide was very impressed with the ak and my shooting skills...:supergrin:

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