Social Thread LVIII: Lawman wants a Euro-hug

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by OfficerChris, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. Lol what panic attack?

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  2. Federal 168 grain Match ammo is fine in either M1 or M14[M1A]. WWB 147 grain is too. IMI has some mil-spec stuff that is great accuracy wise. The only mil surplus I avoid is Pakistani [crap QC] and Hirtenberger [some 9mm is SMG and way over pressure]. Every other surplus ammo made by the Germans, the Brits, the South Koreans, the Nationalist Chinese, the Canadians, etc. are good to go.

    I haven't tried the Greek ammo and the only complaint I have heard is that there seems to be a bit more carbon residue. Not a DQ issue to me.

  3. Thanks! :wavey: That's a lot of help!
  4. Get that M1 and go shooting!
  5. As soon as my tax refund is in!
  6. Hack

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    My plan is to stick with fmj or sp as close to the milspec as possible for right now. Just about any major brand within those specs should be OK.

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  7. Pretty much my thoughts as well. Let me know how it goes when you get yours!
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    If at all feasible I intend to try for one in the next PP.

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  9. And I'm just waiting on my 2012 W-2 to show on my EPP page so I can get my taxes done!
  10. I wouldn't rely solely on commercial ammo bullet weights to ensure long term operation. Copper only bullets of a given weight are always longer than jacketed bullets with lead cores. Being longer increases the bullet surface area in contact with the bore and that means more friction and either more powder or a slower burning powder to propel the bullet to standard velocities. This can bend operating rods and they are not cheap to replace.

    There are gas plugs one can buy which allow commercial ammo to be fired for hunting and casual shooting. I recommend them. See the last link below for them.

    See here for more op rod info:\faqs\M1G-FAQs\OpRod.htm [Noted Garand collector and writer of related books] [Bent, damaged, cracked rods repaired here] [Great tech article]
  11. When you buy one, I have a couple of recommendations before shooting. Many of these rifles have been in storage for decades. The wood furniture is often dry and can split, chip, crack, or otherwise get damaged. Stop in at a hardware store and buy a quart of boiled linseed oil and some rubber gloves.

    Field strip the rifle and pull as much of the metal off as you can without damage. Some ferrules and liners will be impossible to remove without the armory tools and you can cover these metal fixtures up with duct tape if you want to sand down the stock or prevent from having to clean up linseed oil on the metal parts.

    With gloves on, take several paper towels and apply linseed oil to them, then rub the oil liberally into the stock. Let dry overnight and repeat cycle as needed until the wood nearly stops soaking up the oil. This can take ten or more applications. Be careful with disposal of used oil soaked towels [especially cloth] as they can spontaneously combust. I used paper towels and soaked them in water after use and prior to disposal. This will replenish the moisture in the wood and is military correct for a finish.

    Wear an old shirt the first time you shoot it because some oil may exude out from the stock with the heat from firing.

    Tung oil is a nice alternative, but boiled linseed oil is cheaper by volume and can be used on wood products like shovel handles, tool handles, etc.
  12. Do not oil the gas system because the oil will 'coke' as it is fired and turn to sludge.

    Do buy a quality gun grease like Tetra gun grease, plastilube, or white lithium grease and liberally apply to the operating rod/bolt lug interface and the opposite bolt lug/receiver raceway. Shooting the M1 without lube in these two critical areas can cause jams [ask any Pacific theatre Marine or soldier about this].
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    I refinished two Mosins with the Birchwood Casey stock refinishing set. Pretty good stuff with the sandpaper, steel wool, and all the oils and dyes necessary to refinish a stock.

    My M44 was a dark color which I didn't know was done by the previous owner. It had some blems and I wanted to clean the gun so I got some brake cleaner and sprayed the gun down to get all the cosmoline out of everywhere. Got all the dark varnish off the stock too and ended up dyeing it a nice medium cherry wood finish with a good grain of the natural stock showing through. I was very proud of myself.
  14. Soviet guns are a nightmare to clean out of their cosmoline. It sticks to everything and refuses to budge.

    They are great restoration projects to get started in. How was the metalwork?
  15. lawman800

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    Wasn't too hard to clean. I used brake cleaner on that M44. Used a mineral spirit bath on the M91/30 and Steyr M95. Got all the cosmoline out no problem, just took some washing and scrubbing, but soaking it did a lot of the trick already by just simply dissolving everything. The brake cleaner was like magic, but expensive.

    As for the metal work, all looked pretty good and I'm simply amazed that these guns made over a century ago, are still in perfectly good working condition after some clean up and lubrication. Everything felt tight and made all the right noises as I function checked the various parts.
  16. any idea on refurbishing the inside of an old nagant barrel? Couldnt find something yet, I guess an old barrel is just an old barrel
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  17. Good stuff to know. I also have an M91/30, but it's still packed in cosmoline as I've never really had the desire to really get it out and clean all the gunk out, and all the ammo I had for it until recently was in a sealed tin that I didn't want to bust open if I didn't have to. I think I'll get to messing with it once it warms up some and clean it up.

    Now if I get the Garand, I'll have to get a SMLE of some flavor, a Mauser 98, and an Arisaka of some flavor to round out the collection!
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    Yeah, my wife has been asking about that one herself, LOL. Eh, go figure. Next year's will look mighty low in comparison, with the tax cuts having disappeared.

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  19. Hack

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    I was thinking about getting something like that myself. CMP has range ammo on their E store. It also may be worth looking into.

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