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So you want Turkey stories !

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by CanyonMan, May 6, 2007.

  1. CanyonMan

    CanyonMan In The Saddle

    Jul 26, 2002
    Well, this ain't much of one, but it is all I got!

    I went out behind the ranch house Saturday afternoon, for the first time all season, (to hunt that is). Drove about a mile down into the canyon to our back pasture, walked about 300 yds, to one of my favorite spots. Took my 58# Martin recurve bow, stoked with Easton XX75's and 3 blade Snuffers. Man i am all set. 30 minutes before sunset.

    Well, we have had, (thank God), MUCHO rain the last few weeks, a very rare thing here. So the creek bottoms down below the canyons, where I was at, were standng in muddy water. There was also something else there as well. " I'll get to that. "

    I put the diaphram call in my mouth and let out a few good yelps. Instantly, I heard "thunderous gobbles," no more than 60 yds from me.

    I knocked an arrow on the shelf, hunkered behind a small ceder, pulled the face mask down, and let loose with some very sexy calls.

    Well sir, here came the decendants of 'Godzilla himself' !

    I am talking some major birds here. The kind that need a wheel barrel to carry their beard, (so to speak), and huge bodies. They fanned out, struted, and headed my way. I got ready, fingers on the string, slightly pulling back just a tad, here came MR. 'dominate,' he was a really big bird. 45yds, now 35yds, now giving me a frontal chest shot.

    I got about 'two inches from full draw', all was looking good, then the 'nightmare' hit me like a bad movie. A huge swarm of black gnats engulfed my head, and roosted under my eyelids. I blinked, and blinked, etc, and here came old Tom, now about 30yds, and BAM, I went blind! Man i mean these suckers took over my head. I said..."Dang it," as i began to swat and wave, no longer being able to take it.

    I suppose you can figure out the rest of this. The merry band of monster toms split pronto!

    Being only a few yards from the (now filled creek), and in the middle of tons of mesquite and tall grass, it was a haven for these black devils, along with their mosquito buddies.

    So, i played stalk, and "cut them off at the pass," as they were headed for the wheat field, and then to some roosting trees for the night..... Same senerio. Every gnat in Texas was in my eyes nose, and face mask. I suppose the Toms thought I was out there to "wave goodbye to them," (with all the swatting I was doing), since the season is over here.

    Oh well, I got to see a young mountain Lion, about a year and half hold I'd say, on the way out, and a beatiful sunset, a great cool walk back up to the truck, and drive up and out of the canyon and to the house, where I went in and spent the next 30 minutes washing gnats out of my eyes, nose and ears.

    Not to worry. There is plenty of Milo growing in our upper pasture, and the rain has really helped to bring it up, so there will be plenty of turkes, dove, quail, and deer, 'as always', for many more years to come.

    Now if we can just corral this stinking gnats!

    That's my story. If I were to send a pic, all you would see would be a man with gnats in his eyes, and waving..... So !


  2. Nats or Mosquitoes all are bad, at least the nats don't bite and leave swelling ;)

    Funny story ( laughing with you and not at you ).

  3. CanyonMan

    CanyonMan In The Saddle

    Jul 26, 2002

    You would have been laughing "AT" me, if you had been there. :supergrin: Man I had a bow an arrow, and hands, going a 100 miles an hour swattin those pesky creeps.

    I actually think the turkeys were amused ! ;)

    Now we are begining to wonder just how man 'cougars' we got on the place, after seeing that young one the other evening. I have seen 'adults', very huge ones, (for Texas), they feed off sheep on other ranches, (we don't run sheep). But because of the 'terrain' on 'our place', being so filled with deep canyons, high walls and monster bolders, for dens and hideouts etc. We have a great hang out for them. Although their roaming territory is 'very large,' (can be up to 20 square miles), we seem to 'hold them' very well as regular customers. First one this young we have seen though, about a year and half old perhaps.

    Hope you have had a 'very good' season my friend.
    Did you bow hunt any at all?

    How did the info I sent you on the horses/and shoes, work out for ya?


  4. {How did the info I sent you on the horses/and shoes, work out for ya?}

    They used #5 regulars and I forgot the size shoe but it was done up by competent farrier.
  5. Reminds me of the time I was out with my son. I was sitting a few feet behind him and called in three toms. Just as they started coming in to my decoys from our right Mr. Dom comes in. They froze up thirty feet away and we couldn't do anything but wait. I looked down at my son and on the back of his neck there must have been a dozen mosquitos gorging on him... He took it like a man for about 5 minutes till the birds wandered off....

    Afterwards his neck swelled into one big welt... I felt so bad for him but on the flip side was proud that he didn't cave in. Never did get a shot...:upeyes:

    Some of my fondest memories are days when we got skunked...:)
  6. CanyonMan

    CanyonMan In The Saddle

    Jul 26, 2002

    Well I tell ya, there are times you can take it, and times you can't.

    Your son was a real Hoss, at his age, to sit there in those conditions. My hat is off to him. I have seen my own son do this as well. I believe we all have "tuffed it out," many times, in many diverse conditions.

    But bud, when a garbage lid size swarm of Texas black gnats roost on your head they take the "tuff," out of you fast. ;)

    We have seen cattle go almost 'mad', as these swarms of gnats would engulf them and send them on the run, while staying right with them all the while. I about lost it myself there for a minute or two. :supergrin:

    I got skunked alright, I just wish the turkeys had been smaller, and not "mount size," so I could get 'that memory' outta my head! ;)

    Well, was not the first time, and won't be the last. That is a small part of hunting. I fully would rather have a rattler slither past me, (and have), than the gnat swarm land on me. Had them land on me while on the tractor plowing one time, I saw the 'swarm cloud' coming, and could do nothing about it, and before I could shut 'er down and jump, and crawl under the John Deere, they engufled my head. Man I had the crookedest rows you ever saw for about a quarter mile! :supergrin:

    Good luck to ya
    Good hunting!