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So, whats the word on the 2011 Sigs?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by collim1, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. collim1

    collim1 Shower Time!

    Mar 14, 2005
    Big Sig fan here, but am disappointed to see it appears the Sig classic line guns all only ship with the E2 grip and new extractor design.

    Not much mention of it on Sig Forum.

    Anyone know if this is permanent? I do not care for the looks of it all.

    Also I heard that the new P229's do not fit in the existing Safarliand duty holsters, which is a big problem as my agency will be in the market for new duty guns in the next year.

    Can the E2 grips be replaced with the standard two piece grips with screws? Is the extractor reliable? Are they not going to offer the old style P series anymore?
  2. s&wfan


    Dec 27, 2011
    There should be plenty of old style P series guns out there for you to stock up on, if that's what you like. I'm not sure if it's for good or not. Never held an E2. What do you not like about them?

  3. 3rdgen40

    3rdgen40 .45 fanatic

    May 3, 2008
    I haven't handled one yet, but they do look a bit funky to me.What is different with the extractor?
  4. jwhite75

    jwhite75 Gubmint Worker

    Jan 6, 2009
    Dub V
    They should be able to be switched out grip the old grips can be switched for the new. I do like the feel of the E2 grips but they are too abrasive, and I carry primarily IWB. Sig has been doing some weird stuff lately. I dont like the direction they are taking.

    I love my P228.
  5. collim1

    collim1 Shower Time!

    Mar 14, 2005
    Not worried about me personally. I work for an agency that needs to purchase 150+ guns. It will be a no go if they also have to replace everyones Safariland holsters.

    If they hoslters have to be replaced as well they may very well choose to buy a cheaper gun to make up the difference.

    I am quite fond of my duty gun, and my dept mandates that all officers carry the same gun (er....guns) either a P226 or P229.

    As far as the looks go, I just dont adjust well to change I guess.

    You carry a gun on duty for so many years and you get used to it. I have carried this weapon for 98% of my carreer.

    My off-duty carry gun is a P239 that I chose just because it was very similar to my duty weapon.
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2011
  6. crazymoose

    crazymoose Nonentity

    Feb 9, 2005
    I agree, the grips mess with me when I look at the new SIGs. The beefy top end of the gun just looks weird with the tiny little grip. I will say that I thought the old SIGs were about the nicest looking modern pistols, and now they're some of the worst.
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2011
  7. fowler


    May 27, 2004
    The standard grips fit my med-large hands fine. E2 does nothing the standard can,t for me.If I had small hands maybe the E2 would be right.
  8. cyberiad


    Feb 18, 2005
    Near RTP NC
    I don't work for Sig but you should talk to their LE sales group. They ought to be able to sell you 150 P229s with the standard non-E2 grip and tell you whether they will fit existing holsters. I don't see why they wouldn't fit current holsters since, as far as I know, the frame has not changed.

    I don't have a Sig with an external extractor but it should be reliable and easier to remove and replace if necessary.
  9. cowboy1964


    Sep 4, 2009
    I agree the 226 looks strange with the E2 grip. The 229 looks much better.

    Either way though there are plenty of other uglier guns out there.
  10. WarEagle32


    Mar 15, 2011
    I love my 229 E2 9mm. Different people are going to have different opinions. Ford, dodge chevy etc. I love the aggressively abrasive E2 grip and wish it was even rougher so that my hands can stay that much more stable to help my performance. I've heard some people mad at Sig for changing certain things, but I'm not. I have bought three new Sigs this past year and a 226 E2 is on my list right now! I love their 290 which has became my go to pocket pistol and I also love my Sig 1911 GSR having no mim parts is a real tack driver!
  11. NEOH212

    NEOH212 Diesel Girl

    Mar 25, 2008
    North East Ohio
    Although I like the way the E2 grip feels, I'll stick with the old grips. They fit me just find and I'll withhold my opinion on the new extractor design until more testing is done to see how it holds up.

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm under the impression that since Sig changed the design of the 226 and 229 slides, the old sight tool won't work on the new slides?
  12. NeverMore1701

    NeverMore1701 Fear no Evil Platinum Member

    Jun 25, 2004
    Amarillo, Tx
    My 238 has been 100%, but it's not what you're asking about.
  13. collim1

    collim1 Shower Time!

    Mar 14, 2005
    Sight tool does not work and some are saying LE duty retention holsters will not fit the newer Sigs.
  14. Chonny


    Mar 30, 2010
    Edmond, OK
    The P229 9mm now accepts 15 round factory mags.
  15. WarEagle32


    Mar 15, 2011

    Yes it does, and 15+1 sure is sweet in that platform. I honestly didn't think there was a chance in hell of any gun even come close to challenging my Glock 19 as my EDC pistol. However, I have been spending a lot of time shooting the two guns back to back over and over along with a ton of side by side dry firing and the Sig 229 9mm E2 is really giving my beloved G19 a run for it's money! Both are fine guns but the Sig has a bit better grip. Although I really don't know if any gun will take the place of my 19!
  16. Gregg702

    Gregg702 Gold Member

    May 1, 2010
    Las Vegas
    I saw a P239 Rainbow at my LGS today. It made me sad.
  17. RedSoxMD


    Feb 25, 2007
    I think Sig should make all of their 9mm p series guns w the old slides. Leave the stainless for the larger calibers. BTW, I love my E2 grip, but I have small hands

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  18. WarEagle32


    Mar 15, 2011
    I think the E2 is the best thing about Sigs now. JMO
  19. El_Ron1


    Apr 15, 2004
    Redneck Sparta
    2001 maybe... 1991, 1981, 1975... yes. 2011... :puking:
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  20. bac1023


    Sep 26, 2004
    I don't like any of the new Sigs built in the USA. :dunno: