So I'm pretty sure I want a hi point and I don't know why

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Snaps, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Snaps

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    I keep seeing them in the one store I frequent and for some reason I have a terrible urge to get one. I in no way need another gun, I've got everything from Glocks to 1911s to a desert eagle.i have revolvers all the way from black powder to the S&W 500, yet this damn line has my interest.

    Never shot one, don't know a single person who owns one, I just wanna see how they shoot for such a cheap gun. Have I gone nuts or does this make any sense?

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  3. Maybe you like having variety..? Get it and sell it later on if you don't like it.. Good luck.

  4. Rick305


    They are great doorsteps ...
  5. TKM

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    All you have to lose is the price of the gun and the transfer fee. And the respect of your friends, or passersby. The gun store clerk, any clergy you feel you must mention this to, any satellite imaging techs you may inadvertently expose to it and the nice man at the recycling center in a few months.

    But aside from that, you should be fine.:whistling:
  6. Have you considered rehab? I think your high:D
  7. BicycleDay43

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    Ya dude, it's the same respect loss ratio when you buy a Nissan Cube. :supergrin:

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  8. :rofl::rofl:
  9. Please don't. Hi points are known as the swap shop guns down here that come with 6lbs of dust and are best used to keep the shape of a shoe.

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  10. I have a .40 S&W Hi Point carbine - it is fun to shoot.

    I was thinking of listing it on GunBroker for $5,000. :whistling:

    I almost bought a Hi Point pistol a few times - when we go to sporting events - no guns allowed inside - I hate leaving a gun in the car - hate not having a gun with me even more.

    I have considered getting one as a - leave it in the car gun.

    I know a guy that got the .45 ACP HI Point handgun to keep in his boat - didn't want his 1911 out in the salt air. He admitted that he actually liked it - shot pretty good and never failed to go BANG.

    I use to see used HI Point pistols for $100 or less all the time - last time I noticed they were $179.
  11. Then get one. I had the same questions, and that's what I did. I paid $139.00 for a 9mm one. I shot the snot out of it for a couple of years, then put it up when I got bored with it. Sold it a few years later for $100.00, and had people standing in line in case the first deal fell through.
  12. I have a hi-point C9 myself. It's big, ugly, chunky, and heavy, but the thing just WORKS. And for $80 I can't really complain.
  13. WE have them in the same case w/the HK's..try explaining to newbie shoppers why one cost $199 and the gun next to it, in the same color/caliber and even looks a bit like it cost $1099..
  14. Well my dad has a hi point and ill tell you one thing we have never had a problem with it. Got it used and its been perfect. It's ugly, it's heavy, it's cheap looking and the mags look like oversized 22lr mags. However a friend of my dad needed the money and my dad didn't have a .45 so he got it, it works great for throwing in a bag as a backup and is surprisingly accurate for target shooting.

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  15. Actually, if you watch some of the YouTube videos that Iraqveteran8888 of Moss Pawn and Gun does, they seem to kinda like Hi-Points. They have a lot of them in their store, and they love to torture them to see how much abuse they can take and still work.
  16. Berto

    Berto woo woo

    Everything I've seen regarding those High points has been overwhelmingly positive in terms of function, nothing wrong with an affordable firearm that is reliable...even if it looks like a hair dryer.
  17. NEOH212

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    I'm trying to figure out why you want one too. :dunno:

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  19. Berto

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  20. janice6

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    What the heck. They don't cost anything, go for it. Cheap toy.
  21. It only cost one bill, why not. Add one in your collection. Just so you cross that off your bucket list.

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