So firearms companies are screwing cops..

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by FiremanMike, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. When Canada invades then that definition may be of importance. Of course there is the issue of whether you believe in the international definition of "Gun Control" as well.

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  2. RussP


    Thank you for that, but the question was:
    I'm also interested in your response to this...
    Do you agree with that?

  3. jay1975

    jay1975 Ultra Master

    International gun control is a farce and it has no bearing on my duties. Let the other pansies do as they will. I am a strong 2nd Amendment supporter, but I do have to abide by the rules of war.

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  4. So your definitions and your decisions about internal matters in this Country are based upon the international rules of war and those rules, and definitions supersede anything else?

  5. jay1975

    jay1975 Ultra Master

    No, what I am saying is that law enforcement agents in the US are civilians in the military's eyes and those are the eyes I have looked through for over half of my life. The dictionary can say one thing, but in the world I come from, that definition doesn't mean squat to us. There are troops, then there are everyone else. It is not meant to be rude or condescending, it's just the way it is when it comes to war and to those who make it.
  6. Last I heard the Supreme court ruled that it's not a Police Officers Duty to protect an individual while putting his own life at risk.

    Am I wrong in this regard?

    An LEO is not bound by terms of contract to serve a 2-4 year term, or be charged with desertion if he or she doesn't fulfill there contract obligation Like the average person serving in the Armed forces. They can always just quit and find employment in another field, or agency elsewhere without consequences. That, in my opinion makes them a civilian.
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  7. jay1975

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  8. RussP


    Thank you for clarifying the basis for your belief. From your limited perspective, where all except you are civilians without further categorization, your application of the category "civilian" is correct.

    Many of us outside the military look at the colloquial application of "civilian". We do use the definition found in the dictionary.

    Please remember the thing about context in using the word, especially the shortened version.

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  9. So who is responsible for the us vs them mentality? :whistling:
  10. That would be us......

    ......or them.

    Depending on how you look at it....
  11. RussP


    Not that cut and dry...
    Again, from the narrow perspective of members of the military versus everyone else, yes, everyone else is a civilian.

    However, for those outside the military, you are one narrow band in the spectrum of citizens. You are military. Others are sworn LEOs. Others not in the military and not sworn LE are grouped together as civilians. That large group is broken down into sub-categories, such as doctors, nurses and other licensed members of the medical profession. I have heard them refer to those not in medicine as civilians on occasions.

    The use of the word "civilian" is appropriate in a number of situations, inappropriate in others.
  12. RussP


  13. That would really depend on who's side you stand with. It should be "WE", as in "We the People." But when LEO chiefs Stand behind a Tyrant on National TV, and don't support the Constitution of the United States. Then it becomes "Us vs Them."

    I agree that not all LEO are like that. I know plenty here in Florida that support the Constitution. But when BAD LEO's say on this Forum, (of which I repeatably read) that if they Ban guns, they are going to come and take them, and we aren't going to do anything about it. Because who is going to raise our kids when we are gone!?.. It sure puts "Us vs Them" into perspective.

    Sadly, putting people on edge will only get good people hurt in the long run. :dunno:
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  14. And your saying we dont need the same weapons to defend ourselves from those same criminals granted less often fascinating
  15. Please, site your source. This I GOTTA hear. Names and quotations of ANY verified Law Enforcement Officer posting those words on this board.
  16. Police unions in the states that inact these types of laws tend to support progressive legislators so by getting leo to get on thier unions ....
  17. JUST police unions, or any union? By your logic, a member of the UAW (who were VERY supportive of our current legislature) should be punished because the leadership of that union is openly supportive of those persons who have enacted these silly laws?
  18. RussP


    You've repeatedly read that? I would like links to those posts, please.
  19. Vote of no confidense?
  20. txleapd

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    So, basically, you just pick the definition you like... Got it.

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