So firearms companies are screwing cops..

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by FiremanMike, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. DaBigBR

    DaBigBR No Infidels!

    I disagree that the companies are infringing on anybody's rights, anymore than Glock Talk would be by not allowing certain things to be posted.

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  2. txleapd

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    The first link, about gangs TRYING to infiltrate the police, was actually multiple links to only two stories.

    I didn't realize that two times is an epidemic.

    It's been known that gang bangers have been going into the military for years.

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  3. txleapd

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  4. RussP


    Are you talking about the stories regarding New Zealand LE? They came up first for me, then Chicago...
    March 1st, 2013
    Back in 1990, when I was deployed in Desert Shield and Desert Storm as a Marine grunt, some companies prioritized me items for my M16 for shipping that I purchased with my own funds. After getting out and forming Magpul in 1999, I established the same priority policy for Military and Law Enforcement, due to the requirements of their profession.
    The same policy has been in place for 13 years now and has never been an issue until a few days ago. I do not support the idea that individual police officers should be punished for the actions of their elected officials. That said, I understand the concerns that some have with Law Enforcement officers getting special treatment while at the same time denouncing second amendment rights to another citizen in the same state.
    With the fight in Colorado right now we do not have time to implement a new program, so I have suspended all LE sales to ban states until we can implement a system wherein any Law Enforcement Officer buying for duty use will have to promise to uphold their oath to the US Constitution – specifically the second and fourteenth amendments – as it applies to all citizens.
    Richard Fitzpatrick
    President/CEO – Founder
    Magpul Industries
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  6. The problem with that theory is that no politician or admin cares what rank and file cops have to say. We (meaning beat cops everywhere) *****, gripe, moan and groan, send emails, write letters and make phone calls daily trying to fix problems big and small. Most fall on deaf ears.

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  7. Just got this one myself, good for Fitz.
  8. Talk is cheap. If you're really behind a cause, you have to put some skin in the game.
  9. This one is way too easy.

    Ill definitely get an infraction for it.

    It's cold as heck here.

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  10. You'd also likely be wrong. But feel free to PM it! I assure you, you don't have what it takes to offend me.

    Cold here tonight, too. 46. Gonna be 40 tomorrow night! Brr, might even have to put on gloves!
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  11. txleapd

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    I really don't like that cops are going to feel the repercussions of actions taken by the politicians in their states. It's not fair to them, just like these bans aren't fair to their private citizens.

    That being said, I understand that these companies are protesting by one of the only means available to them. At the end of the day, they are simply exerting their 1A rights to stand up for the 2A rights of others.

    As cops we all swore to uphold and defend the Constitution as part of our oath. So, even if we don't agree with it we should respect their right to protest.

    It sucks that our brothers and sisters in the ban states are caught in the middle.

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  12. RussP


    The owners are using their Right to protest the governments' actions.
  13. Faulkner

    Faulkner Patriot
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    The policy of these companies who are stopping sales to the ban states are standing up for principle and I applaud them.

    For those of you who want to point fingers at them as bad guys, you really need to be blaming the liberal politicians who are supressing the rights of law abiding citizens that have caused all this.
  14. Such as?

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  15. txleapd

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    It really is as simple as that...

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  16. The previous mayor, a rino through and through, joined the group, the new one said time and money would be better spent on prevention. The D. has held his ground fighting the unions wanting them to pay more for their health insurance, putting their own funds into retirement instead of taxpayers money, refused to support a new local gay rights initiative, etc. He's a conservative, he just hasn't yet admitted it to himself.
  17. steveksux

    steveksux Massive Member

    As others use their right to protest the companies actions.. :supergrin:

    At some point, I wonder if we were better off when the prevailing sentiment was "I disagree with what you say, but I'll fight to the death for your right to say it"...

    First Amendment leads me to think the FF had in mind persuasion was the proper response to disagreements, not coercion.

  18. Which is why I support them. I don't think any cop is in danger right now over any of this.

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