So a double barrel isn't good enough for ya

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by Bullman, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. Wow, not my style - but I have to give those guys credit for being open minded when it comes to design

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  2. :rofl::rofl:

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    Oh, and I read an article on this. they had a device that had a number of insertable rifled tubes you could put in the barrel, let you fire different rounds , some pistol,some rifle. The bad part about that was that it was only about 7 inchs worth of barrel inside your 12 gauge tube, so I doubt you were getting a whole lot of benefit from a 308 fired from a 7 inch barrel.
  4. With no manual barrel selection that idea loses some utility.

  5. Bullman

    Bullman Deranged Deputy

    I guess it needs a selector..... or three triggers :supergrin:
  6. I wonder why Chiappa chose to have the triple threat manufactured in Turkey,rather than Italy?
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  8. Someone made/makes a variation of the COP in .45ACP.

    In the mid/late 1800s a number of multi (more than two) barrel handguns were made, with the Sharps four barrel single action spur trigger most common. The Sharps has been replicated by several manufacturers in the 20th century.

    In the early part of the 20th century, Mossberg made its "Brownie" a DAO four barrel .22LR. It has been replicated a number of times in Europe and the USA, and in fact the COP may be based on it.

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  9. needs more triggers!
  10. Never heard of that. Got any solid info on it?
  11. njl


    With an 18" barrel? No. I'd guess it's a defensive weapon for someone wanting the reliability of a double or single, but one extra shot.
  12. American Derringer I think... Their LM4

    Rereading the copy the LM4 may be a semi-automatic, but I'm not sure.

    They offer an over/under double action derringer in .38 Special which is not vaporware, and claim to be offering it in .40 S & W as well. Also a remake of the High Standard .22mag over/under double action derringer.

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  13. Try the UTA-15 (or UTAS 15). THAT is a self defense shotgun. Expensive though, like $1500 and up. OUCH.
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  14. The LM4 was a manually operated repeater. The user had to rack the slide between shots.

    I've never heard of a COP in anything but .357 Magnum.
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    That's awesome. :rofl:

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  17. Buck, buck, slug.....buck, buck, slug....

    Kinda lie duck, duck, goose,.....but much more fun lol.:supergrin:
  18. I kind of like that it is the first break open I have seen with an 18.5 barrel. Does it come with extractors or ejectors. I don't like how the coach guns tend to have extractors only.

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  19. Bullman

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    I know what you are sayin. I wish some of these new "tactical" doubles they are coming out with would think about having ejectors, it would speed up the reloads.
  20. Looks like that line on the butt-stock lets you turn it into a semi-pistol grip. Probably just at or under legal length. That would sure make it really muzzle end heavy to shoot.
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