Sneak Peek at the new G9 Carbines

Discussion in 'Lone Wolf Distributors Forum' started by LoneWolfMarketing, Jan 27, 2011.

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  2. Man I am chomping at the bit for my G9 lower :) Is there an arrival date yet?

  3. We are still on track for a late March/ early April... we are all very excited
  4. Nice! Anyone and everyone should get one of these. Very practical and exciting. Thanks for the update.
  5. This reply adds to my "reply thread list" for easy tracking...
    I am intrigued... very intrigued.
  6. What's the msrp going to be?
  7. Not fully sure just yet about the retail. We'll try to get it close to our previous AR costs.
  8. One of those in .357sig or 10mm will be very nice to toy with :whistling:
  9. Guess great minds think alike!
  10. TSAX


    What about a 45 GAP :whistling:
  11. Guess great minds think alike.........
  12. Do we have a price yet?
  13. Pricing has not been announced as of yet.
  14. mbpike

    So does the bolt lock to the rear when the mag is empty? There won't be a problem using big trigger guards or ambi selectors?
  15. mbpike

    So does the bolt lock to the rear when the mag is empty? Also since it says mil spec it will take bigger trigger guards and ambi selectors correct.
  16. When will the 10mm versions be available?
  17. The bolt does not lock to the rear.

    The trigger guard is internal on our receivers and is already oversized.

    Ambi selectors should work no problem.
  18. We don't a firm date just yet.
  19. any updates on the bugs you guys were working out? im interested in purchasing a lower as soon as they are available
  20. The proto units we were testing that we are basing our production run off of seem to work just fine. They should be good to go soon.

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