"Snapped Holster" in car in Florida

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    Eyes are 20/20. Open carry is permited in Florida under certain circumstances.

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  2. One of the Florida Open Carry Fishing demonstrations:

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    Thank you, sir, for the illustration. There have been a couple of people who've taken circuitous walking routes to get to fishing piers, one who was not even carrying fishing gear. For the overwhelming, vast majority of the times, though, the open carry fishing excursions have been quite fun and very successful.

    Noway, I take it you have never participated in any of those gatherings.

    And, Noway, you cite 790.053 Open carrying of weapons.— as the governing statute. True, but you cannot stop there.

    As fuzzy03cls posted, there is an exception here:
    Please note the key words, "going to or returning from."

    You might want to go over to open carry dot org in the Florida state forum. There are many stories there about this topic. There is one gentleman that open carries daily in Florida. He goes fishing daily. They law is quite clear. You want not want to exercise your Right, but there are many Floridians who do.

    Are you a member of Florida Open Carry? Are you familiar with them? They are a pretty good bunch of people.
  4. Not going to argue with you, but seriously;" you missed this part like 2 light years back" .

    I'll bold it for you since you want to drag on and look silly at going about;

    We have no open carry and where it's authorized and by who is very very minor, and a car is not mention.

    If you would have follow the statutes & expand it, it clearly states the referring statues that allows you to open carry and the limitations as such and where,etc.... As a everyday practice, state of florida has no open carry or let's re-word the legal way ; " it in a limited open carry or non permissive".

    And your surely not openly carry in your car, which was bad advice, given by one of our GT'er members.

    And yes, you need to get your eyes check.


    And no, don't care for open carry ( read below ), would not open carry even it was allowed by law, and where I do carry openly; is during something like hunting @ a hunting ground, and where no one is going care one damm bit about a hog leg revolver strap to my side.

    So to answer your questions in order or positioning


    Don't see open carry becoming a reality in State of FLA for everyday purposes & doing just fine conceal. But to each his own.

    Also one other thing that a lot of person don't realize, the open carry clause don't mean a lot in sum areas. Take you hunting,camping,fishing,etc.......

    The places I hunt ,camp, and fish at, has strict local ordinances that trumps your right to openly carry. So that's going to take out almost all of the WEA/WMA, state parks, and such unless there's a season open for open carry of an firearm. You will draw attention and a citation and/or weapon seized.

    I still would love to see someone challenge the law as written and jump on their bike , and bike on down to the pier with a gun strapped to their side. Let us know how well that turns out for you :rofl:
  5. I believe it has to be at least a level 2 retention. A kydex Holster using level 1 friction as its retention does not constitute an extra "step" to use firearm, therefore illegal. As stated earlier you need have 3 actionable steps before firing.
  6. I saw this on Facebook. I'm part of the open carry group. Was thinking about joining one the events. Do they still put on decent events? I saw they were in Orlando recently.
  7. I believe for civilians it's only going to, from, or during fishing, camping, or hunting is open carry legal in Fl. And only to CCW holders
  8. Actually if you have a CCW you can carry in any manner in your vehicle as long as its concealed. Even sitting on your lap covered by shirt. As long as its concealed. Concealed doesn't mean has to be on you. You can have a gun in a jacket pocket sitting on your chair (although very stupid) is legal

    If no CCW, fl law allows you to have firearm in your vehicle as long as NOT ON PERSON and
  9. It's a mechanism securing gun in holster and is required action to draw it so yes it is.
  10. Be prepared for the wait buddy. Mine took 99 days till I finally received it
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    But I must ask...

    You put this in bold...
    I emphasized "a car".

    You go on to say...
    ...which, I guess is more referencing to open carry in a car, I cannot tell.

    Yet you close with...
    Why did your challenge change to a "bike"?

    And, is that a bicycle "bike" or a motorcycle "bike"?
  12. Yes, they do. I don't have the skinny on their info and am not sure if I'm allowed to link to sites on Glocktalk so you'll have to Google for it, but they put on events somewhat regularly.

    I'm don't personally choose to exercise the right to open carry unless I have an actual reason to do so - usually only when I'm hunting - so I haven't participated in the events, but I've kept up with these events and they've always gone very smoothly. I wouldn't hesitate to join in if thats your cup of tea.

  13. It's guessing you are not a LEO. If you are you must work in deep south Florida ! I'm now a reserve and work 3-4 shifts per month. Make no mistake about it, under Florida law if a person wants to ride their bike 2 miles down the street to the fishing peer with a glock strapped to the hip for the world to see, it is 100% legal ! The law is very clear, Going to or from said activity" They need only two things to get by with it, a valid fishing license and fishing gear in their possession. After that law was passed last year, some guys put a fishing pole and tackle box in the trunk of their car, why, because now they can say hey deputy,I'm on my way fishing. If that happens there is NO P.C. to arrest at that point ! A man stopped at a 7-eleven a couple of weeks ago with a Ruger 1911 on his hip, three of us were standing in the parking lot when he pulled in, when he was asked why he was open carrying he told us he was on his way to go saltwater fishing in Daytona. Produced a valid gold sportsman license and had tackle gear in his jeep. Guess what, no grounds to arrest. The State Attorney has already filed several nolle prosequi on cases in seventh circuit and we don't like getting spanked by lawsuits after a precedent has been set. So yes, Florida citizens can and are walking around open carrying while going to or from said activity and it is legal to do so ! Also as to carry in a car, there is a very simple guideline, if it's not on your person, it's a good idea to have it securely encased. Strapless holsters don't cut it either.[SIZE=-1]“Securely encased” means in a glove compartment, whether or not locked; snapped in a holster; in a gun case, whether or not locked; in a zippered gun case; or in a closed box or container which requires a lid or cover to be opened for access.[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]“ [/SIZE]Now if the LEO is pro gun and you have a good attitude, that's not such a big deal always. That's my two cents and what I've been told by legal anyway. There will always be grey somewhere in the law !
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    And, as always, open carry is not for everyone, and most definitely everyone should not open carry, including some who do.

    If you do choose to open carry, only do so when and where appropriate.

    BUT, do so understanding that the when and the where may be, and in some cases often will be, very different person to person, situation to situation. What is good and right for one may be deadly wrong for another.

    Open carry responsibly.
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    Sure, you can link to their website. :thumbsup:
  16. Truth is only a small % of people look to cause problems in society. Every time a bill is passed which gives more gun freedom morons start shouting they're will be gunfights in the streets blah blah blah. I heard it years ago when Florida passed stand your ground law, heard it last year when they passed the outdoor rec carry law as we call it. Truth is a few *******s will try and abuse it here and there but the average Joe will just go on living his life, working, not looking to make trouble. I fear the the what's coming out of D.C. much more the the average gun toting Fl citizen ! I'm really not a cop hater, I believe there are more good ones than bad, but I am a very loud supporter of the US Constitution and that offends many now days and most of them are my part time coworkers !
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