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smoke vension

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by noway, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. Today I head out after a 2 weekend disater a few weeks back. I was able to bag a central florida 2x2 buck this AM. The hunt started out with a host of turkeys landing within 15-20yards of my location. I was was really amazed that no bird figure out this blazed-orange hunter was a "hunter". After hearing "flutter ..........flutter ......... flutter " for about 6 mins. I finally got bored and most of all " nearly forgot getting that i was out for deer today".

    I sat and watched and listen for the next 2 hours before Osama Bin Ladden deer showed up and he had a high bounty on his head. This deer surprised just like the last one that came down this same path at almost the same time. He was on a direct approached into my position and I had the same awfull clump of brush in front of me, limiting my shot possibilities.

    About 10ft on the other side of the clump he stopped. He smell something but did NOT alert. I even tried to peer around the brush but I was not sure if he would hear me shift my feet and/or body. All of sudden he jump right back, kind like a cat that suprises a trap and jumps from the trap going off.

    Once he did this his rump was in completed view and then he did a 180deg turn giving me the best broadside catering with head raised look back at me. The last thing he saw was alot of smoke ;) and he hear aloud clack + boom ;)

    Now for the track job, I misjudge where I thought he ran, maybe the smoke,noise and that I follow the most direct line played aganist me. I tracked this deer ( or at least I thought ) for the next 1hours, In a big circle 100yards into the tree line and made circles on top or circle and guess what?

    The stupid deer was only 40yards from where I saw him ran at and he didn't ran a straight line but literally did a 90deg turned from the tree cover and fell over some broken oaks :( I nearly stumble over him when i found the first signs of blood. Alot of blood was present right at the deer and maybe 10ft out.

    I nearly laughed when after close to 60mins of tracking, crawling over trees, palms, brush, looking for fresh blood and kicked up dirt, and the deer was right at the treeline/cover deader than a flat tire.

    the deer 2x2 with one antler showing a browtine about 3/4" long ( I known some won't count it & I don't either;) ) So this buck is really a 4 pointer.


    Shot was a thru-thru high shoulder. Both shoulder are on ice at this time, but I highly doubt I will savage any good meat of this.


    btw that's the exit wound

    The weapon used has been my favorite and reliable some what ( that will be a new thread and story next ).


    i used a hawk 44magnum bullet in a hornday sabot lit by a CCI #11perscussion cap. Projectile was propell with triple777 ( 90gram ) charge hand weighed.


    The hawk bullet performed great. I used the 240grain x25 jacket bullet and it exhibit good performance. The bullet is kinda pricey tho and might be overkill and/or slightly better than a XTP/speer hunting bullet in the 44magnum. I have these same bullets loaded in my 44mag contender and I would phantom that the TC/thunderhawk mzl'er is pushing it's bullet about as fast or maybe slower than a 10-14" bbl smokeless handgun. Using a good charge of 2400 or H110.
  2. gruntmedik

    gruntmedik Honk Honk CLM

    Jan 2, 2005
    Taylorsville, KY
    Nice job. : thumbsup :

  3. Thanks, can't wait to start carving this deer up. I had to go out and get some more freezer bags, but monday night he ( buck ) goes under the knife ;)
  4. Noway,

    Is that a TC Thunderhawk?

    Reason I'm asking is that TC still offers a 209 conversion kit for them. I added one to my .54 cal Thunderhawk and it has been totally reliable since then with 777.

    My son has a Navy Arms Country Boy inline that uses musket caps. 777 works just fine on the range, but after a day of carry in the field he often has misfires with it. With Pyrodex and the musket caps it is very reliable. We've stopped using 777 in his rifle due to reliability issues.
  5. GeorgiaGlockMan

    GeorgiaGlockMan Aggie in Exile.

    Nov 18, 2003
    Bad-Lands Ranch
    Nice kill.

    Always like to see the regulars coming out of the field with something to show for it other than memories.

    Congrats Noway!
  6. yes it's a thunderhawk.

    I agree the musket caps are 100% reliable. The reason I hadn't look at the 209shotgun primers, I don't think the thunderhawk I have has this available. My firehawk does btw suports #11, musketcaps and 209primers.

    Musket caps are just about unavailable unless you go online.

    The problem I think that's just developed hence my later post reference from above, is the nozzle ( flame-thrower series nipple ) are now made out of softer material plus the fact the spring in this old TH is weaker. I recently had to get a spring from a gun-store that was almost the same length and it increased my " striker pressure" some want.

    Without the above issues, it's all 101% reliable.

    Thanks and true but memories are also great also. This make about deer number 20 with this above setup. Every one I have memory of the time it was killed.
  7. {777 works just fine on the range, but after a day of carry in the field he often has misfires with it. With Pyrodex and the musket caps it is very reliable. We've stopped using 777 in his rifle due to reliability issues.}

    also fwiw, pyrodex or 777 are both reliable in my setup. The only reason I have 777 loaded and no RS pyrodex, was I was too lazy to unlock my storage bin and retrieve the single bottle stored in it. The triple7 was just sitting on the counter ;)

    my 2cts....

    If you nipples are clear, springs in the striker good, and you have no contamination pyrodex and 777 are always reliable in my inlines.
  8. TC makes a conversion kit for the Thunderhawk. I have a .54 stainless Thunderhawk and put one in. Works fine.

    Here's a place that has one (I've never ordered from them, just found it on a Google search)


    Kit comes with a new bolt, nipple, and spring.

    We fire our guns off at the end of the day and clean them when we get home.
    We've had 2 times now that my son carried 777 in his gun and at the end of the day the musket caps fired, but the gun wouldn't go off until the 3rd or 4th cap. Pyrodex has never been a problem. Now he just has no faith in 777 and I have plenty of Pyrodex around so he uses that.

    Because the gun went off after several caps I'm thinking that moisture is somehow getting in the gun.

    I know that Hodgons says to not use 777 in flintlocks because it is harder to ignite.

    Don't know how much it matters, but according to the MSDS sheets 777 has a 30 degree higher ignition point.

  9. fwiw Nothing is wrong with triple7. I've been using it in wet and humid enviroment such as SEFLA and the glades with very good success....hint noway and a few others. Your are correct that 777 should not be used in a flintlock but you can and it has been done. ( you primer the pan with FFF grade BP some people frown upon it but it does work )

    In a proper maintain inline theirs no need for a 209primer system. A #11 is adequate, a musket-cap is more than enough adequate and a 209 12ga or 410 primer is adequate to overkill.

    In your case, I would suspect something else is amist with why you need 3-4 shots to discharge a tube of 777. If what your claiming is due to wet/damp powder than how did it get wet or damp to begin with? and if so how did it get dry to go off on the 3 or 4 hit.

    Also keep this in mind, this season I've been in the woods, a this means wet woods to speak, been rained on, cross a few very BIG puddles and over 4 times this season coming out empty handed, I had to clear my thunderhawk, and everytime the trigger was pulled and the percussion detonate, it went BOOM ;)

  10. Noway,

    I don't really know how any moisture would get in. My son was carrying the gun, it wasn't raining, and fall days in VA are nothing like Florida humidity.

    All I know is the 777 works just fine in my Thunderhawk with the 209 conversion no matter what.

    In my sons Navy Arms 777 works just fine at the range. Not a single misfire when sighting it in. The times he carried it in the field loaded with 777 by the end of the day it did not want to ignite with musket caps until the 3rd or 4th cap. With Pyrodex in his gun there is not a similar problem.

    I'm thinking possible problems are:

    1. Too much lube in the gun, left there after cleaning? (we do fire a couple caps through it before loading)

    2. Bad lot of 777? (never heard anyone else complain)

    3. Bad lot of musket caps?

    4. Just a cheap Navy Arms inline? (nipple doesn't appear damaged in anyway and has a nice clear hole through it)

    I got a new can of 777 and a new tin of musket caps for this season. Maybe I should just load up his gun and leave it sit for a day or 2, without a primer on it, then take it to the range and give it a try.

    But season starts Saturday so he'll load up with Pyrodex RS for now.
  11. ;)

    is #11s or a musketcap?

    I've seen bad remington percussion cap ( #11 ) hence now I'm on CCIs. IMHO anything remington when it comes to a percusi=sion cap sucks. Don't know why but that seems to be the case for me. I shot about 30-40 sabot/bullets per-year out of 3 inlines rifles and the remington are strictly for "at the range" informal showing.

    I would never trust a remington product if I'm out for the tropy 5x5 buck that I hope to get with a mz;'er ;)

    In the muskett cap the german brand are the best if you can find them, CCI are great for percussions #11 and for #10, you can use remingtons. Let get my caps out give you a photo of what I have.
  12. more photos;

    the entrance wound


    Here's a closeup of what the hawkbullet did thru the shoulder.



    and finally here's the 1st 3lbs of ground vension;\


  13. Right now my vote is going for poorly maintained rifle.

    My son tried to shoot a 6 point buck on Saturday. Musket cap went off, but no Boom!

    I took the rifle apart when we got home, the nipple was so badly plugged up I couldn't force a stick pin through it. Had to dig out my real small drill bits and clear out the hole.

    We got it working good now, we're heading back out tomorrow and see how it goes. Got a new property to hunt! Looks promising.
  14. That's way I carry a nipple pick. Up can also use a bent paper clip and for the tinyest of nipples you can use a glad paper bag "twrist" tie with the plastic/paper stuff pulled of it.

    fwiw:part of my post-season maintenance is to pull all nipples or breechplugs and clean them out from end-2-end ;) Also doesn't hurt todo it pre-season also.

    NOTE: their a neat little trick, when you clean the mzl'er and fire off a cap to clear the oil and hoepfully the fire-channel, you can tell if it's clogged by the report of the cap going off. One is very differently sounded when it's clogged.
  15. Now that you mention that.

    I was firing off caps through the BP rifles the night before we went out hunting. My son's gun with the musket cap was distinctly louder than mine with the 209 primer.

    Anyhow gun works fine now. I'll start another thread to show how well. :)