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Smitten: Silver Henry H004

Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by ditto1958, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. I dropped by my LGS yesterday (big mistake, as usual!) to try to find some ammo and because I was curious about a Uberti Silverboy .22 lever gun.

    Found some CCI mini-mags for "only" $9.99 a box. Took a look at the Uberti, and for a bit over $500 was not impressed. To me, it looks like a $300 rifle- then it would be pretty darn cool.

    Well, there was a longer silver lever gun next to it with an octagonal barrel. Another Uberti? No, no, no. Turns out its a Henry H004 in silver. Wow. I was immediately smitten. This thing was beautiful. To me it looks way, way better than a Goldenboy.

    I came home and tried to look it up, but can't find it. There is a Talo "1 of a 1000" special edition with an engraved silver receiver cover, but this one is not engraved. Just has a plain silver cover and silver barrel band.

    I gotta save my nickels and pennies now!
  2. I found a Henry "Sierra" nickel special edition yesterday. $680 at Village Pawn in Wadesboro,NC if anyone wants it. They will send to your FFL of course. Beautiful gun, but the stock was useless and I had to hover my head over it to see down the barrel. Also, it had the worst sights I have ever seen. Would have to change them. But the gun, holy cow, prettiest thing I have ever seen. I bought the Uberti Silverboy as my cheek weld was perfect on the stock and had me looking down into very nice sights. Great gun. I just ordered a leather lever wrap from Ricochet Roy's website.

    The Talo is a special edition engraved nickel deal. Called Henry yesterday and asked about the Sierra, it is a 300 limited production, fancier engraving than the Talo. Both can be seen online if you Google them. Beautiful rifles.


  3. I saw the Talo version on Lipseys website. The one I saw yesterday is not engraved.

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  4. Call Henry, could have just been a special order. Henry told me when speaking of the Sierra it was simply requested by someone, a wholesaler most likely, and Henry was contracted to make 300 of them. This was not an idea from Henry, they couldn't tell me much about the rifle at all. Perhaps the one you was born under similar circumstances.
  5. That's exactly who Talo is. They are a distributor that contracts special runs of firearms from many different manufacturers, usually involving a different finish only available through them. So, when you read that something is a "Talo" version, that's what people are talking about as in this case.

    They are choosy about what they do, and most are happy with their Talo guns. They seem to hold resale value, too.
  6. Now this is interesting. My LGS has 2 locations. I was just at the other store yesterday. They also have a copy of the same rifle but theirs is priced at almost $200 cheaper.

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  7. hunter won

    hunter won

    Nov 13, 2010
    It's a H004S model... very nice rifle that sells around $530 at the LGS. The salesman said that they only made a few hundred silver Golden Boys. I bought one because it looked so much nicer in silver.
  8. Okay, that settles it. Now I really need one. Good thing the LGS has layaway!

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