Smith dates, model numbers and SNs.

Discussion in 'Smith & Wesson Club' started by G33, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. patman

    patman Large member

    It's actually 6 digits long.You really think it's that old?The thing pretty much looks brand new.I went and shot it the other day and didn't put any +P's through it,though I did have some pretty hot standard .38's that I fired.

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  2. Since you said it was SIX digits long (like mine) it's probably gonna be an early 70's model. I know my model 10-5 is a 1976 model, and your model 36 is a NO DASH like mine...right? :dunno:

  3. patman

    patman Large member

    Nope,no dash.I picked it up for $325.00 and it's REALLY clean.I didn't get the box or papers though.The grips have been replaced with Hogue rubber grips too.
  4. I gave $350 for mine and it's kinda ruff.

    That didn't matter. The finish doesn't affect how it fires anyway.
  5. The following per the SCSW 3rd. ed.-

    The pinned barrel was eliminated on the Model 36 in 1982. Serial numbers for J1-J99999 ran from 1969-1970.

    I can't find anything specifically about shooting Plus P ammo in your 36, probably because I am not looking hard enough, but plus P ammo would probably cause excessive wear to the gun. Personally, I haven't seen the need to "pump up the volume." Heck, just shooting standard 38 specials in my model 36 starts to slap my hand after firing several cylinders.

    It is a nice little gun with a full size punch.

  6. If it is J100000-J250000 it would be from 1973-74.
  7. Thanks Chuck - you da man! :thumbsup:
  8. Model 36, Serial numbers J370001 - J610000 were made 1976-1977.
  9. You're welcome!
  10. patman

    patman Large member

    I'm not sure how the picture turned out,but here goes.
  11. patman

    patman Large member

    Not a very good picture,but it is very clean.
  12. patman

    patman Large member

    Oh yeah,thanks Chuck!
  13. That's a dead ringer for mine...just not as beat up as mine is.

    And mine's not really THAT bad. You can just tell it's seen a lot of presentations in it's lifetime. ;)

    Oh if those old guns could talk, huh? :whistling:
  14. My pleasure!

    You have a fine example of a S&W firearm. You have made a good choice.
  15. Now get those dadgum rubbers off of it and get you some woodies! :cool:
  16. patman

    patman Large member

    I might try to find some wood ones but the rubber ones are soooo much nicer for shooting.Actually,those aren't even the rubber Hogues.I forgot that I swapped the grips around with my 642 grips.The 642 needs some rubber ones with its light weight and +P ammo.Just a bit jumpy.Some woods for the 36 would be great for presentation,that's for sure.Maybe I'll check Gunbroker for some.
  17. Can you check these out?

    TEV94** -1006
    VHM11** -1076
  18. You make a lover of all S&W 10 mm jealous. :supergrin:
  19. Thanks!
  20. Upgrayedd

    Upgrayedd aka hand banana

    Me too....thanks:cool:
    M60 R322***

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