Smith dates, model numbers and SNs.

Discussion in 'Smith & Wesson Club' started by G33, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. gruntmedik

    gruntmedik Honk Honk

    I got a 686-1 yesterday that has already had the recall done. SN# AUPXXX

    Any idea on date?

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  2. 1986-87

  3. Johnspark

    Johnspark Grumpy Fish

    OK, I need some help if anyone is willing. I have a 686-3 with serial number BEW3***. Can anyone help?
  4. I just picked up a nice condition model 37 this afternoon. Serial #ADB1115. Can anyone help me figure out when it was born? Thanks
  5. Hello I am new to glock talk and I guess this is where I should ask this type of question. I build my own open class Glock raceguns but I decided to send my 627pc off to BC Armory for work. Anyone have any experience with Bruce Warren @ BC Armory?
  6. Best way to find out when shipped is to call S&W.

    Mod 37 ADB @ 1983

    686-3 BEW @ 1989
  7. ArtCrafter

    ArtCrafter ¤Hocker Mocker¤

    The 1st Edition of The Standard Catalog Of Smith & Wesson indicates sometime between Oct 1988 (starts w/BBT2293) and Jul 1990 (starts w/BFL1101).

    HTH [​IMG]
  8. ArtCrafter

    ArtCrafter ¤Hocker Mocker¤

    The 1st Edition of The Standard Catalog Of Smith & Wesson indicates sometime between Jan 1983 (starts w/ABL4000) and Oct 1983 (starts w/ADE6700).

    HTH [​IMG]
  9. Johnspark

    Johnspark Grumpy Fish

    What a surprise. I hadn't checked here is a while and I just found your post. Thanks very much for the information. :wavey:
  10. Johnspark

    Johnspark Grumpy Fish

    :wavey: Thanks to you too!
  11. RobG

    I purchased a S&W stainless .357 revolver back in '81 or maybe '82...I don't know the model number (don't see it shown anwhere on the pistol.

    Serial # ACC7xxx

    Any help with the specifics are appreciated...btw, I posted a pic of it in the picture thread.
  12. hey guys need some help.looking at smith model 37 s.n. AWC97xx.any idea of date of mfg?it is in very good shape. thanks trucker611
  13. LH2


    How about a 3913 NL SN VJR3XXX? Thanks!
  14. Just got a model 10 SN: D457XXX any idea on when it was made and if it can handle +p+ or +p ammo?
  15. Late 1972 early 1973. You´re good to go with any 38 sp +P ammo from a reputable manufacturer. All K frames are. +P+ is not a SAAMI spec and thus of unknown values, specially from dubious manufacturers. You might also find this article by Saxonpig in the Smith and Wesson forum quite informative on the subject.
  16. Guys, I have a guy at work that wants to sell me a S&W 38 special CTG

    mod. 15-3 serial# 8x12983

    Can anyone tell me if it's worth anything? The guy wants 150.00 for it. Thank you.
  17. Recently bought a 4516-1 with serial number TED3XXX. Ideas on the manufacture date? Thanks.
  18. Just aquired a blued 4 inch 29-2 serial number S284***
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    If I could trouble you for information on my Smith & Wesson revolvers.
    Mod 629, N 841xxx, R19 76146 (on crane?) 8 3/8 inch with wood grips, & presentation box

    Mod 629-4 Trailboss, RSR9XXX 010 (on crane)

    Mod 60-9, CCS0xxx
  20. Spydermonkey

    Spydermonkey in ur rearview

    I have a buddy that is trying to sell me a barely used w/ box & cleaning kit model 60-4 .38S&W 3" w/target sights SN # BNB3***

    Can anyone give me an approximate mfgr date and value?

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