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Discussion in 'Firefighter/EMS Talk' started by golls17, Feb 28, 2013.

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    What's worth the money? I'm finishing orientation this month for both my Volunteer FD as well as a private ambulance company. We talked about smartphone applications today during lunch, but our instructor knows they're a great tool but wasn't able to recommend them on account of being old school and just knowing stuff by memory.

    I don't want to waste money on a crap program, but would spend some money for a good one.

    Mainly I'm thinking meds, something that has both trade names and generic for when a Pt gives me a shoebox of pill bottles and says, "Doc tells me to take these."
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  3. I don't know of how much use it would be to be honest. The military combat medical manuals are free and available for all the smartphones. What is really lacking is a decent ICE app.
    Meds, conditions, drugs, contacts medical devices ( pacemaker and battery date inserted) allergies etc.

    Maybe a page or tab for basic CPR rates (infant , child adult)

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    I only do free apps but here is what I have had or currently use:

    Epocrates is a must have. Great for looking up drugs.
    Notepad: Great for premise histories like gate codes or violent patients.

    I've also had apps for contraction timer and a pregnancy wheel.

    You can be surprised what you can find for free apps. It's only a matter of sorting through them to find ones that work for you.
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    For EMS:
    Informed apps - BLS is good, you can also get the ALS ones too
    Glasgow Coma Scale

    Another useful one is Metric Converter

    I also always recommend 911 toolkit for FD & EMS personnel. Its a great app too for everything including HazMat, EMS, quizzes, hydraulics, and water delivery.

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