Smallest, Lightest .38 Special

Discussion in 'The Snubbie Club' started by Ian, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. The only small 38 I have experience with is my 642. For me it's perfect. One speed strip and the gun in my pocket in a Tuff holster is really quite comfortable. I still carry my G27 sometimes instead, though.

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  2. I think Im gonna pick one up in the next few days...My buddy recommended the 442 but from everything Ive read the trigger pull is a lot better on the LCR

  3. barth

    barth six barrels

    S&W 342 ti 38 +P - 11.1 oz on a digital scale.
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  4. Ruger LCR
  5. DJ Niner


    Hmmm. Thought I responded to this thread, but the post never appeared. Strange. Anyway...

    I believe the now-discontinued S&W model 337PD is the lightest +P-rated revolver ever made in .38 Special, edging the other competitors out by weighing-in at 10.7 ounces. I owned one of these for several years, and while it worked like a dream for drop-in-the-pocket carry duties, it was NOT very pleasant to shoot, even using low-powered target ammo.


    You can see the "+P Jacketed" warning on the barrel; apparently, lead bullets wouldn't stay put in the cases during recoil, so using jacketed bullets was required to prevent bullets from creeping forward and jamming the cylinder. I never had any problems with mine, but I usually default to jacketed bullets for defensive use anyway.

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  6. cowboywannabe

    cowboywannabe you savvy?

    642 is as light as id go. the balance of weight, shootablity, price and rust resistance is all there.
  7. Ruger LCR
  8. Chup

    I would rather shoot my LCR with 357 than my 442 with 38 or 38+P. Update Two years later. Now that Arthritis is bugging me I am shooting a lot more 38s than 357s.
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  9. eracer

    eracer Where's my EBT?

    I carry a Ruger LCR with an aftermarket tritium FS.
  10. gwgw60

    My LCR 38 +p came in with a loaded weight of 15.9 oz with Winchester PDX1 +p. It's fun to shoot and controls well.
  11. watsoncb


    The only way to go....

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  12. RVER


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  13. S&W Model 442......
  14. mj9mm

    interesting grip, I wonder how it handles?:cool:
  15. [ame=""]Taurus 85 View SHOT Show 2014 Preview - YouTube[/ame]

    Hot chick shooting the View ...her hand bleeds

    if nuthin else you will see a hot chick !!!
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  16. Scandium Smith 360 357 mag just over 12 ounces
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  17. Ruger LCR & LCP

  18. Quigley

    Quigley Elite Member

    That is the ugliest revolver I have ever seen.

    +1 one on the LCR.. I have been pocket carrying a KLCR everyday for over a year now with a lasermax laser. It is one of the few guns that I honestly enjoy carrying.

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