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  1. Curious what people are using for slings on their AK's

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  2. I use a regular Russian 2 point.

  3. Depends on your mounting options.
  4. Speaking of AK slings, I picked up a pair of Russian AK slings at the gun show for $10 ea. I want to add the 2 point sling to my Yugo under-folder, but the sling connects to the rifle using a metal spring coil....I have not put it on my AK yet because I fear that the metal coil will scratch the gun....or at least the metal loops for the sling.

    Attach it...or look for a different sling?

  5. Hamrhed

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    I prefer old-school Bulgarian/Russian two point slings...
  6. After getting a VTAC for my AR, I went and put the Magpul sling on my AK. Works for me.
  7. BFG VCAS. The Bulgy sling that came with my rifle was far too short to use as anything other than a carry-over-your-shoulder sling.
  8. I used to use the standard issue AK slings, but switched the VCAS.
    The standard issue AK slings really are only good for shoulder carry. With the VCAS' ability to quickly change lengths I can use it for carrying pretty much anyway I want and use it as a shooting aid.

    If you are just planning to use it to carry on your shoulder then an issue AK sling is great since they are durable and cheap. For anything else I'd recommend taking a look at one of the many quick adjust 2 points that are on the market.
  9. fnfalman

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    The cheap ass commie sling that came with it.
  10. The "real" Russian web slings are about the nicest. They are also long enough to be used in about any configuration. Some of the others are pretty short, and wont allow use for anything but simple over the shoulder carry.

    A short piece of "road" bike inner tube (700x23C) over the hook end of the sling will do double duty silencing the metal on metal, as well as reduce scratching.

  11. I guess I never worried much about the finish on an AK. I do like the cloth OD Green slings better then the leather ones, but that's about as picky as I get.
  12. Finish is important, but noise is a bigger issue. The AK's front attachment point is a noisy set up if you dont do something to deaden it. It just so happens, the inner tube thing takes care of both at one shot.

    The rear can be an issue too, if you dont take that quick attach hook/clip off, and just thread the sling through the swivel.

    The rear, bottom mounted swivels, like you see on the SAR's and WASR's, as well as some others, also limit the slings usefulness. Simply moving that swivel up on the left side of the stock, like was done on most of the AK100 series type rifles, makes a major difference in how the sling works with the gun.
  13. Depends on your mounting options, on my Tantal I use Magpul MS3, works like a charm:
  14. One more vote for VCAS and VTAC sligs, both are excellent choices with the right mounting options.

    Kyle's VTAC:
    [ame=""]Viking Tactics Sling - Instructional Video - YouTube[/ame]#!

    Larry's VCAS:
    [ame=""]Blue Force Gear® Vickers Combat Applications Sling™ Shoulder Transitions Live Fire - YouTube[/ame]

    Magpul MS3:
    [ame=""]Magpul MS3 Sling (First Look) - YouTube[/ame]
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  15. Interesting! That looks like a sweet set up and a really good idea. Never considered the sound to be a factor. Pardon my ignorance, but where could I pick up some of this road bike inner tube (700x23C)? And what is that blue plastic looking thing you have attached to it?

    And you are right, the Russian slings are nice because of the length....that's what I was told when I picked em up at the show.

  16. If you know anyone who rides a road bike, Im sure they have an old tube lying around. If not, Im sure your local bike shop does.

    The blue thing is a set of ear plugs.
  17. The tube above is to big, and really dont do the job. Road bike tubes are about half the width of your standard bike, or mountain bike tube. They can be a bear to get on, but they do work very well.

    Try your local bike shop if you dont know anyone who rides. Im sure they'll have an old flat laying around. Hell, if youre scared to ask, check the dumpster out back. :)

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