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Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by bikethief, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. bikethief

    bikethief itchy trigger

    Someone was asking for a picture of this. While digging it up, nangati nanaman ako to build something similar. C.T. Brian was my inspiration but this was executed by Tony O. Post your single stack projects here para maiba naman. We have threads na for the tupperware and race gun setups.


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  3. wow ganda, napansin ko lang lately ganado mag renovate ng guns yung mga BOGS

  4. malakas appeal ng 1911 lalo na commander
    When I had one everyone kept asking to buy it
  5. [​IMG]

    This is my single stack, built from scratch, also by Tony O.
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  6. I heard you have another one thats an extreme1911
  7. Eye Cutter


    ayus! thanks for posting bt! nangangati kamay ko to do a new project
  8. productionguy

    productionguy what a move!!!!

    new toy...

  9. choi_tan2000

    choi_tan2000 BoG # 55555



    my build 1911

    norinco lower
    armscor slide
    779 barrel
    egw melt bushing
    sti trigger
    wilson magwell
    various internal parts
    g.i. hammer and grip safety
    orig caspian grips
  10. Eye Cutter


    here's mine


  11. how much would a lower cost? I saw a complete slide w/barrel mga 10k :)
    Masyadong BI mga tao dito!!!!:wow:
  12. Eye Cutter


    eduard, sabi ni loy pumutok ka na raw! tama na biking! eto, maglaway ka! hahaha!

  13. horge

    horge -=-=-=-=-
    Lifetime Member


    :drool: :drool: :drool:
  14. bros. im plannin a single stack .40 build... the only thing that makes me hesitate to do so are the magazines... do you think its practical? or should I just do the classical thing and go with a .45? has anybody done a single sack .40 build lately? thanks......
  15. Okay, I'll play, my FrankenColt:
    Rare 1945 Colt "JSB" frame, Essex slide, Novak target rear sight, Rock Island barrel, Armscor hammer, sear and thumb safety, Wilson stainless slide stop, dehorned John Masen grip safety, Tony Pascual trigger and "recoil reducer". Assembly and trigger job by Alastair Cortes of Mandaue City. Doesn't rattle.
    I may have to let go of it soon, fired it only once after my transfer here.
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  16. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! maganda ata yan ah!!!! is there such as a .45gap na 1911? :supergrin:
  17. Got a STI Trojan 40 cal... magazine was a ****** to find... but i found ways at that time :p aheheheh...

    Nakuha ko Tripp Cobra Mags :) awesome magazines :)

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