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Single Most Important Glock Modification

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Citadel15L, May 15, 2013.

  1. Ummagumma


    Sep 26, 2011
    1. Siderlock safety.
    2. Grip force adapter (slide bite preventer)
    3. Metal sights

  2. SCSU74

    SCSU74 St. Cloud Proud

    Jul 24, 2010
    The Northwoods
    Undercut trigger, remove finger grooves, stipple, Trij hd's, x300, ext mag release, ext slide lock, frame plug

    In that order

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  3. AgentM79

    AgentM79 Platinum Member

    Nov 29, 2003
    Hmmmmmm. I kinda like that idea! I just did a Gen1G17 with an OEM steel rear and OEM tritium front. Works for me. No other mod needed.
  4. kodiakpb


    Jan 12, 2012
    Better pay attention to the rear notch width on a OEM spec'd rear if you are adding a Proglo front sight from Ameriglo.
  5. FireForged

    FireForged Millenium #3936 Millennium Member

    Dec 25, 1999
    Rebel South
    with the exception of night sights there are no issues that cant be overcome with training and skill.
  6. JoeyG


    Jan 14, 2013
    I don't change anything on my carry guns. I really don't think I will have time to worry about whether my sights are standard or night after market in a SD situation. I would picture that as a draw, point and fire situation. But to each their own. If you like them & feel it makes you better prepared to defend yourself then by all means, install them. You'll notice by reading on here that a lot of people love night sights. Truth be told, I like them a lot. I just think that money can be better spent on ammo in my case. YMMV
  7. jb1911


    Sep 21, 2011
    The only modification that I think is essential is night sights. I've got Ameriglo Operators on my G26 and they're perfect. Non essential mods that I've done to it are a .25 trigger job, Glock -connector and a butt plug.
  8. t4terrific


    Sep 8, 2011
    I add a grip plug, night sights, stainless guide rod, and a symbolic slide cover on each of my Glocks.
  9. freezetime


    Oct 15, 2012
    I had a friend polish the internals and i have night sights on order for my 6 month old 19. Probably wont do much else to it. Shoots fine the way it is now.
  10. bac1023


    Sep 26, 2004
    To each their own, but for the life of me, I never understood why people would add any sort of manual safety to a Glock.

    If you want a manual safety, you don't buy a Glock. Its that simple.
  11. Bill Lumberg

    Bill Lumberg BTF Inventor

    Jun 14, 2002
    Makes no sense. If you were given a glock and wanted to modify it with an external safety, there's at least Cominolli. But siderlock is just hilarious.. Like adding rear view mirrors to your dog.
  12. momoshooter


    Aug 29, 2008
    Night Sights.

    I'm 40 now, and notice thing are quite a bit dimmer at night
    these days.

    I seriously can't really see my stock non-tritium sights at night.

    I'd have to say I'd add Night Sights out of necessity.

    That's if I could only add one thing.

    I agree with the others here on the board saying that all other mods, are more toward the want rather than "NEED" category.

    Funny, how when you bring it down to a simple question like this, there aren't that many options out there on the market that really add value or re-stated really improve the overall
    effectiveness of the stock Glock right out of the box, I suppose other than sights.

    yeah,,yeah,, I know a good trigger job works wonders too. But hey, if the Glock is a carry piece, you'd want a stock trigger anyways, even if a home defense gun the same, stock trigger.
    Ultimately with triggers, when it comes down to it, if you ever pulled the gun and had to actually discharge it,(in defense of your life or loved one), a 1.5lb. trigger or 15lbs. trigger.... its not going to feel any different to you in that situation!! Know what I mean.

    If there were such a product that could be added to the stock Glock pistol that could truly increase the overall functionality and effective utilization of the firearm, I wonder would that would be?

    Sometimes I feel like handgun technology really hasn't made vast improvements in its overall design and abilities in the last 25-30yrs...

    I suppose that is for another thread.:whistling:
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2013
  13. momoshooter


    Aug 29, 2008

    You said what I was trying to say in my post.
    I literally failed at coming up with the words.

    I don't want to hi-jack this thread.. and I'm not sure starting a new one is essential... but

    on the line of thought that you stated and I agree, besides night sights, I can't think of any "issues" or rather "needs" for my Glock besides those of night sights.

    But just because I can't think of any... doesn't mean there aren't ones that I haven't thought of.

    I'm really curious about what others have conceptualized as true beneficial additions that are on par with Night Sights
    that would add a significant amount of value to the overall utilization of the Glock.

    I mean... yeah adding any of the following;
    New steel guide rod
    better spring.
    better trigger
    match grade barrel
    lighter trigger springs


    all the above are just replacing what is already there in the weapon with some minor increase in performance.

    But Night Sights aren't there on the bare bone stock
    and literally change the ability for you to "effectively" use
    your Glock pistol in total darkness.

    all those other components don't add a truly functional capabilities difference, like do night sights. Right?
  14. jokon

    jokon Cold Infidel

    Mar 27, 2006
    NE Pa.
    I removed the finger grooves and under cut the trigger guard, getting a great grip is more important than upgrading the sights, which is the second thing I do.