Singer James Taylor,speaks about Gun Control

Discussion in 'Gun-Control Issues' started by SJ 40, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. I stand corrected! Thank you:rofl:

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  2. he's just like the rest of the lib-tard entertainers.....

    go ahead and give up YOUR liberties, you POS, im giving up NONE of mine!!!

  3. You came up with a great line couldn't resist :rofl::supergrin: SJ 40
  4. Who is James taylor?
  5. A washed up Stinky Communist Hippy,who's friend is the president.

    [ame=""]James Taylor - You've Got A Friend - YouTube[/ame]

    SJ 40
  6. Entertainer is not entertaining
  7. i am definitely with you on this. There are so many quotes that clearly show the founders intent. I say we put some costumed actors as the founders to work in a series of constitutional commercials, using these quotes.
  8. Actually that would make a Great add campaign.
    SJ 40
  9. I hear they had a reefer summit.
  10. Gregoire

    Gregoire Stereophonic

    From Wikipedia. Doesn't look like he can pass the background check...

    "In late 1965 he committed himself to the renowned McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts,<sup id="cite_ref-white-112_17-5" class="reference"></sup> where he was treated with Thorazine and where the organized days began to give him a sense of time and structure.<sup id="cite_ref-time-cover-story_18-1" class="reference"></sup><sup id="cite_ref-bg112601_20-1" class="reference"></sup> As the Vietnam War built up, Taylor received a psychological rejection from Selective Service System when he appeared before them with two white-suited McLean assistants and was uncommunicative."
  11. TDC20

    Tuck James Failer.
  12. ChuteTheMall

    ChuteTheMall HildabeastHater

    Locked up in a loony bin and too crazy to serve his country, and all this happened before his music career.
  13. CanMan

    Silver Member

    I used to think his ex was kinda cute, but I'm sure she's of the same political persuasion as him.


    Today, Taylor and Simon both live in the country _ at opposite ends of Massachusetts _ and have ended up recording albums for the same label, Starbucks' Hear Music, with Simon recently releasing the Brazilian-inspired CD "This Kind of Love." Their two children are both singer-songwriters like their parents.
    The 60-year-old Taylor, who kicked his drug habit shortly after their marriage ended, lives in the Berkshires with his third wife and two young sons. Simon, 62, whose 20-year marriage to writer-businessman Jim Hart ended in divorce last year, lives in the house that Taylor built on a 40-acre spread in Martha's Vineyard full of flowers and animals.

    Life's ruff, huh?
  14. That's pretty far gone. That or a contrived sham to avoid serving the country that allowed him so much freedom and opportunity. Either way he abdicated any right he had to speak for anyone else.
  15. Lord

    Lord Senior Member

    It may not have been the best thing to do... but truth is truth.
    When lies are told the story always changes... when the truth is told, it's always the same.
  16. Lord

    Lord Senior Member

    anyone that avoided the draft doesn't deserve the rights that the military fights to protect. in fact, maybe him and Morgan should simply GTFO of the US, and head on over to England.

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