Silvertip on deer

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by Buckeye 7x57, Nov 15, 2012.

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  2. Sorry about that. My fat fingers and this smartphone don't cooperate. Anybody here shoot a deer with factory Win. 10mm silvertips? I'm going to use 200 grain Underwood XTP loads this year but was thinking that Silvertips might work just as well on a whitetail.

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  3. I use heavy 200 gr. fmj, they pass through large Mule deer with no problem. HP's are designed for minimal penetration. I prefer to have my bullets pass through. Shot placement is king.
  4. I have to agree. Expanding on a shoulder bone isn't as as desireable as smashing it, and through and through in a broadside shot is my preference as well.
  5. Buski

    I took this doe @ 65 yds w/a Barnes 155gr 10mm handload (ie 1405 fps chrono from a 6" KKM barrel). She went 15 yds & hit dirt.

    I like to use the 155 gr Barnes, 200gr XTP or a 200 gr WFN lead bullets, pushed @ 10mm velocities.

    Personal choice. Not sure if you would get the preferred "penetration" w/a 175/180gr bullet.

    Good shooting.

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    Check you state hunting codes, too. Some states do not allow full hard metal case projectiles (non-expanding ammo) in a pistol configuration. In other words, hollow points or soft-points (ammo that expands) are the only legal ammo.


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    I did shoot one whitetail doe (approx 100lbs) last year with factory silver tips. She was 33 paces from my treestand and dropped like a sack of rocks. The shot hit her broadside, high in the shoulder. The bullet stopped just underneath her skin on the opposite shoulder. I cut the expanded bullet out with a pocketknife and saved it, so I'll try to get an expansion measurement for you.

    Even with that experience, I would still feel better with a load that is meant to penetrate further.
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    Okay, the expanded bullet measured 0.674" at the widest point. It was shot from a 20sf with a 6" factory barrel.
  9. I took a 125# Whitetail this season with a G20 6'' KKM barrel and factory 175g SilverTip.

    Bullet entered base of neck at a quartering to me angle at 45 yards. Bullet entered chest cavity right on the spine. It blew thru the spine and the ribcage exiting thru the end of the shoulder blade with a 1 1/2'' exit hole. The deer dropped at the shot.


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  10. Guys, please repost your hunting and ammo used, in the 10mm Hunting thread stickie. After awhile, bits of experiences like these get lost way down the list and the rest of us can't find them to reference. Thx.

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