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Silvercreek IDPA - Saturday, October 3rd - Classifier Match

Discussion in 'Bluegrass Glockers' started by TreehugginGlock, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Just wanted to remind everyone that Silvercreek's next IDPA match will be Saturday, October 3rd. This match will be a classifier match, so I hope all of our new shooters will be able to make this one, especially. Also, as a reminder to those that have shot a classifier before and for those of you who have not, this is a "limited" match of 90 rounds only.

    If you need information about time, cost and directions, please go to Course of fire information can be found at And as always, we will have IDPA membership applications available at the match for those of you who would like to join and then shoot the classifier. Annual IDPA dues is only $40. Match fees are $18 for non-Silvercreek members and $15 for Silvercreek members.

    FYI...November will be our last match of the season, too.
  2. Don't forget....this coming Saturday, October the 3rd...

  3. Hi there, folks. Don't forget. IDPA Classifier match tomorrow, Saturday, October 3rd at Silvercreek . Registration starts at 9am, new shooter orientation at 9:30 and regular shooter meeting at 10am. No concealment garment necessary for Classifier, though you might want to bring a jacket since it will be a bit chilly.

    Match fees - $18 for non-Silvercreek members, $15 for Silvercreek members.

    IDPA membership applications available at the club. Annual dues $40

    Hope to see all my new IDPA members there. We need to get you classified.