Silencers on Revolvers

Discussion in 'Free Fire Zone' started by janice6, Oct 12, 2013.

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  2. From what I understand, getting a silencer to work on a revolver usually requires modifying the manual safety on the slide of the cylinder gap where the bolt goes into battery with the forcing cone. ;)

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    I wish I could silence my blender.
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    Nicely played, sir. :supergrin:
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    You're correct. The Redhawk or Super Redhawk conversion, set up as a short range sniping rifle (it had around a 10" barrel, foregrip and a bipod with a stock), suppressed, showed up in a few gun magazines in the late 80s/early 90s, and was also used as a prop in The X-Files in one episode.
  6. I'd make fun of a dodobird if it was brought up, too. Just because it existed does not mean it is viable.

    See the ACA.
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    Why isn't it viable? It may not be popular because the gun smithing isn't cheap, but it's viable if you have the moolah.

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    There was even a GP100 conversion as well. Essentially any wheelguns can be converted to seal up the cylinder gap.

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  9. So how's the cylinder going to turn on a non-Nagant style revolver with zero cyinder gap? Answer: it can't.
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    I usually think of it as the more common and widley understood term for what mall ninjas insist on calling a suppressor, when they are trying to sound like operators.

    Correcting people on "silencer" vs. "suppressor" ranks right below correcting people on "magazine" vs. "clip" in the list of annoying habits that identify mall ninjas and gun-geeks down at the gun shop.
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    It's called proper terminolgy. I prefer correct terminolgy so things are not easily mistaken. "Look out, private there is an M16 here." Private trips over a M16 mine looking for a M16 rifle.
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    Just be sure to get a revolver that has the thing that goes up.
  13. Lots of fail in this thread, when they use a silencer on a revolver in the movies don't you guys even notice the thumbs forward position that covers the cylinder gap and keeps it quiet?

    I joined the NRA, have you yet?
  14. There are three effective way to suppress (silence) revolvers. As noted above, revolvers that seal the B/C gap can be silenced. The most common is the Nagant but there were others, including the Peiper. #2 is to build a silencer around the whole gun. This has only been done once that I know of, but it has been done. #3 is silence the ammunition. This is done by was is basically a condom loaded into the round. This was, as far as I know, first done by the US Army during the Vietnam war in the .44 QSP (quiet special purpose) revolver used by the tunnel rats. Also in Russian the UDAT revolver, which fires a 32 gauge shotgun cartridge, is available with commercially produced silenced ammunition. Just not available in this country, at least not over the counter.
  15. Tunnel Rats carried Silenced Revolvers in VietNam.

    Knights also made a Suppressed Revolver.

    Google for pix.
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  17. The old Webley revolvers pulled the cylinder rearwards during indexing and then pushed it forward to seal against the forcing cone.
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    My 686 is pretty quiet with an AAC Evo9 can on. Just as quiet as any semi auto I have.

    Neither are Hollywood quiet. My 22 can on an air rifle is hollywood quiet, but thats it.
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    If calling it a silencer or a suppressor is bad, can I call it a quietner?

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